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  1. Anything and everything having to do with Donald Fucking Trump and his fringe, psychotic followers.

  2. I'm happy the show brings him back and made the changes with his character that they did but it's always hard to believe that the company wouldn't have fired him after what he did, especially considering how little he offers as a salesman.

  3. I've been staring at a spinning red circle for a half hour. Gonna be a fun weekend.

  4. ...oh all the poor kids whose grandparents will be buying them 11 Allen jersey's next Christmas...

  5. I love Motor. Hope he gets to keep a spot and show out next season.

  6. Excellent. He should retire as a Bill with a few rings. It's only right.

  7. I'll miss him. Glad he's in the NFC and also getting paid very well. Thank you for your service, good sir.

  8. Where do you want to start? I’m guessing peterman?

  9. Does anyone know how much new content this Lightfall expansion will add? Fifty dollars sounds like quite a lot of money for another 3 to 4 hour story with a dungeon and new guns. I'm a casual player at best whose played through everything so far but is skeptical of dropping the money down right now if there isn't much that we're getting in return. Thanks.

  10. As painful as it is to watch, that Jefferson catch vs the Bills should be number 1. That was INSANE and legit won them the game basically

  11. Can't believe there was a better catch then the one Diggs had in that game. Two of the best grabs in the season happened during that game. Unreal.

  12. Blurry af in Series S. And the begining of the game is just bad. Going up and down the same elevator while exposition plays in the background screams 2005.

  13. You're being down voted for speaking the truth. Boring beginning. And the voice actor for the protagonist is atrocious as are the lines of dialogue. Turned it off after 15 minutes. I'm so fucking furious.

  14. It's amazing that a professional creative has zero concept of world building. 15 minutes? OK.

  15. The world is the part of the game that I greatly wanted to explore! It's the horrendous voice actor that is causing me pain. And I went to the settings to switch to Russian voiced but it didn't change. (Xbox series s) Not sure if it's a bug or what but I couldn't get the subtitles to go away either when I started the game. I'm definitely going to give it another shot but yesterday I was not happy at all with the protagonist.

  16. They remind me more of the Colts. They are a finesse team that gets dogged in the playoffs. They'll probably win a SB the year everyone least expects it just like the Colts did in 2006.

  17. I’m in favor of the least expecting option for the 2023 season.

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