1. I know a few good farms who are looking for hands if you need a place to work

  2. The solara is not amphibious, my sweet Semitic treasure.

  3. Johnson going out for burritos but coming back with … tacos instead.

  4. We bought our current home from Tanya Kulaga. She and her team are all outstanding people and we’re extremely helpful and reliable. Can’t recommend her enough.

  5. I liked Tanya’s team more than Tanya. I was small fish and she could tell, so I had to do most of the searching on my own. None of them suggested any property inside my parameters.

  6. Tanya Kulaga - her and her team are so responsive. I felt like I was their only client.

  7. I will go halfsies on those cheese sticks. I will give it a shot, but it would have to be killer at those prices. The cheese sticks are killing me, because that’s our go-to app when getting pizza and $17 is absurd. A one topping at Papa Keno’s is about $5 cheaper than these prices. Minsky’s doesn’t have an 18” pizza to directly compare.

  8. I’m a fan. And I think their Breezedale is one of the best beers in Lawrence. I’m slightly biased because F&I is in walking distance from my house, admittedly.

  9. As I’m finishing this epi, lol that Dave has had decent bbq “in Ohio.”

  10. I finished a Legend Skittergate only to back end error as we all made it to the waystone

  11. Yeah I don’t like this screen name either, hope you get punched in the face today :)

  12. Describe what you saw, I live close but wasn’t out at 6 am

  13. They built the Skittergate under Helmgart and collapsed it

  14. The mexican restaurant next to set em up jacks. They have 1.00 margaritas. Cheap. Good. Cold. Plus chips and salsa. Enjoy a CHEAP Happy Hour

  15. I legitimately had no idea there was a Mexican restaurant over there.

  16. I can think of a few options: first, farmers markets (Saturday downtown, Thursday evenings at Cottons Hardware, and Sunday in North Lawrence). Second, the Merc Coop—they try to source local foods (I’ve definitely bought local eggs and milk, can’t speak for meats or cheeses). Just next to it is Leeway Butcher, which similarly focuses on locally raised meats. There are also a few Community Supported Agriculture programs as well. I’m subscribed to Pendletons CSA subsidized through my partner’s workplace, but it’s still a bit pricey. I’d be curious to hear if there are any farms selling products directly to consumers outside the various marketplaces.

  17. Are there any groups in Lawrence that work to keep this stuff from being put up around town?

  18. Sallie house in Atchison - Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed Unsolved have a couple vids on the place

  19. Listen to the podcast Astonishing Legends episode about it. It’s very good, including one of the best EVPs I’ve ever heard.

  20. My last name rhymes with the word Harder, so that was fun.

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