1. I mean I don’t think he was going to regardless of whatever went down tonight. Think the film would’ve ended up being too inaccessible for it to be an Oscar player in any category.

  2. Saw someone comment in the Movies subreddit that this was one of the quickest Star to Tár moments in Hollywood history which is a brilliant phrase

  3. I don’t know whether it’s Saldana or the animators but Neytiri’s expressions always make me cringe. I think they’re so bad.

  4. I doubt she cares all that much. But is this a real rumour or just a fan cast from Twitter? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter

  5. Probably not, unless it’s Pulp Fiction level appreciated

  6. No, it’s not an academy genre and it’s not crowd pleasing enough, or had any popular support at all, to overcome that

  7. Sure, sometimes they’re better, sometimes they’re worse. I loved the acting winners from BAFTA this year but would’ve liked EEAAO to win Picture at least

  8. Standing ovation lengths are the anonymous Oscar ballots of pre-season.

  9. At least the ovation is by people who (presumably) actually watched the movie.

  10. True but they gave Blonde a 14minute one so I think they just enjoy clapping

  11. I think EEAAO was something of an anomaly in that I don’t think the floodgates have suddenly opened for any type of film that isn’t usually academy friendly to start winning.

  12. Mediocre film with a meh gimmick is how I would describe Boyhood lol

  13. Will never understand the dislike for this years nominees

  14. I agree with the consensus that Elvis is very weak, but the others seem very good to me. It has been a weird level of hate, and I think dislike for Empire of Light and Bardo as films might be coloring people’s opinions.

  15. Yeah I think people let their overall dislike for a film cloud their judgement on individual elements because Bardo, for example, kinda sucked but the cinematography is some of the best I’ve seen in recent years. Likewise Empire of Light is a boring film but it was beautifully shot. TAR’s cinematography is just impeccable.

  16. Shoulda been nominated for Carol and even 12 years a slave.

  17. Carol is like my favourite movie ever but I dont think she did anything nom worthy in that film

  18. Don't think the script was it's strongest asset, but it was quite original at least. TAR and Banshee's had much stronger screenplays in my opinion

  19. 3 Oscars kinda automatically puts you in legendary status, so that

  20. Blanchett and Meryl if she returns from whatever she’s doing

  21. I want nothing more than a Viggo win, I hope this is the film to do it

  22. I mean half of these will probably flop as usual

  23. Chastain, McDormand and Kaluuya are the only ones I'm confident in getting nominated again.

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