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  1. I’m enjoying the show, but the CGI is very bad. Like it’s distracting to watch

  2. Have the rights issues been resolved with Universal? Or are you thinking in a Disney+ show?

  3. Technically Disney can make a solo Hulk movie if they want to. They just have to let Universal distribute it. But since they like money too much, they won’t do that.

  4. Tony saved the world at that point and was fully funding projects for all the geniuses at MIT. Cut May some slack.

  5. So if Bill Gates came to your house, you would think it’s all normal if he and a 16 year old kid went into his room with the door closed?

  6. The only part of Fox that Murdoch didn't sell was Fox News & Fox Sports.

  7. I think he’s asking if Disney owns the characters now or does Marvel. In the unlikely event that Marvel splits from Disney, do they still the X-Men, or does Disney keep those characters since they bought them from Fox

  8. I can see it starting with the Fox fanfare, and the (Deadpool-ey) Marvel Studios animation fades in ... Record scratch.

  9. Marvel fans try not to write cringe dialogue (IMPOSSIBLE)

  10. Yeah, as long as the movie is still good without it. NWH had fanservice and without it, it would still be good movie about Peter losing everyone.

  11. I think No Way Home is very weak to be honest. The second half, and especially the ending is very good, but the first half was very flimsy imo

  12. Yeah it's not great, it's just good. Also isn't it kinda weird that you said the movie is very weak but said half of it is very good? Seems like you liked half of it a lot, weird to call it "very weak," in that case.

  13. I don’t think the second half makes up for the first half. I thought the way they handled May’s death and the other Peter’s supporting him was good. But the villain motivations for the final fight were pretty weak. I wasn’t impressed by the action either. The last 15 minutes however were really good when he sacrifices everyone’s memories of him and decides not to tell them.

  14. Nah brother. You don't really "get" the Fantastic Four.

  15. It’s a shame, but most people probably don’t know the importance of the Fantastic 4, much less care about it. I feel like most people won’t care if the film is great or not. If its at least passable, the average audience will not care that it didn’t live up to the comics

  16. I said theres too many series and ill stick by that,marvel is focusing on quantity rather than quality and its showing

  17. Facts. I don’t get how people on this subreddit were saying it’s not too much. At the very least, you have to admit the amount of projects is affecting the visual quality of the movies. Not a stretch that the stories are as well.

  18. Yeah, Deadpool 2's entire story also hinges on time travel working VERY differently than it does in the MCU.

  19. The time stone works differently than Tony’s Time Machine. And Kitty Pryde’s time powers are also different than how it is on Deadpool. Just say there’s multiple methods of time traveling that have different effects.

  20. Leakers: Lower your expectations for Comic Con, Marvel only have a few trailers for things coming out this year.

  21. I’m pretty sure none of the reliable leakers said anything about D23 being big. The NWH, MOM, and Thor LaT leaks were all pretty accurate, and the Wakanda Forever leaks also seem to be accurate based on the trailer. You just gotta make sure the leaks are coming from a reliable source

  22. Nah, that would have been terrible. The Fox X-Men need to stay the hell away from the MCU. Prof X was fine because he was the cartoon version but none of the movie characters should actually cross over. Sure those movies had their moments but they were so far off base in so many ways.

  23. Yeah, but I think that other guy made a valid point. Plot twists generally work better when the reveal is better than the false impression that the audience is given by the story. Whatever your personal opinion may be, the majority of people were hyped when Evan Peters showed up because of the implication of the multiverse. Revealing it was a farce was going to disappoint people no matter what.

  24. I don’t recall anyone predicting the Fox X-Men would show up. The only predictions I saw regarding mutants was that they would do a reverse House of M where Wanda creates the mutants on earth. If you go back and read

  25. I never saw Deadpool 2 (guess I need to fix that), but did it put itself anywhere in the timeline with Logan? Because otherwise, this could just be set before Logan.

  26. It references Logan’s death multiple times but those are as 4th wall breaks

  27. Bro those movies haven’t even been made yet they haven’t even been set up yet how are people already dissatisfied

  28. The thing is that the Secret Wars storyline is essentially about the relationship between Reed Richards and Dr Doom. There’s not enough time to develop them and for the audience to get attached to these characters in just 1 year. That doesn’t mean that Secret Wars won’t be good. It could be a good movie. It just won’t be as a good as the comics.

  29. The MCU isn’t a xerox of the comics, never has been. It’s shocking that people still think that MCU flicks are going to be 1-1 recreations of comic storylines.

  30. I think you misinterpreted my comment. I’m not saying the MCU needs to be an exact recreation of the comics. Infinity War is nothing like the storyline in the comics, but it’s still much better. But the way they’re going about setting up Secret Wars doesn’t show me that it’ll be as good as comics. It just seems more rushed and the characters don’t seem like they’ll be as developed. Maybe I’m wrong and Secret Wars will be better than I expect, but I don’t think it’ll live up to the comics.

  31. I don't know if anyone's ever published the contract they signed or whatever but the story's always been, from right after AoU came out, pretty consistent that Marvel and Fox agreed that they'd each get one twin and one appearance of the other. Marvel got Wanda and actually gave Pietro a story before killing him off. Fox got Peter and used their one appearance to show Wanda as his little sister watching TV at the end of DoFP.

  32. The only thing I feel might disprove this is that Joss Whedon said there was a version of the script where Pietro lives, and they even filmed an ending with him alive supposedly. There probably wasn’t a formal contract, but maybe once they saw how popular Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was, they just decided to let them have it and keep Wanda.

  33. Ok. I see your point now, even though this doesn’t relate to the OPs post.

  34. There used to be an exec named Ike Perlmutter who used to be the head of Marvel, and he was notoriously racist and sexist. He got removed from that position in 2015, but he’s the reason we never got movies like Black Panther, Black Widow, or Captain Marvel until later

  35. The Goblin Gang is getting buffed by adding a third spear Goblin to it

  36. That's sadly what all reviews boil down to these days. I've never seen any review of a major studio release talk badly about a project - at worst they're not ecstatic.Like, if Ang Lee's Hulk came out today I'm quite sure that too would get almost exclusively positive pre-release reviews.

  37. I think if Morbius was released by Marvel Studios, you’d have people unironically defend it.

  38. Yeah, but there’s definitely some hardline distinguishers too. Kids born after the first iPhone came out are 14-15 now and grew up in an era where smartphones were already everywhere. I feel like that’s definitely a category to put them in. The next category that makes sense is probably kids born during or after the COVID pandemic.

  39. The lady from Ms Marvel was the worst. She abandoned her decades long evil plan and blew herself up because Ms Marvel asked nicely. Whatever they were going for there, they didn’t hit it.

  40. Wenwu was cool. I just didn’t like that the story made him to be a dude being manipulated to do what some evil being wants it to do. The movie would’ve been more compelling if he had motivations that were of his own and kept the fight with his son as the actual final battle

  41. That wasn’t the point of it… I feel like you missed the mark on that.

  42. I just think the story would have been better if Wenwu actually had found a way to bring back his wife, but it might’ve been dangerous to Ta Lo or have some other cost to it. It would have given Shang Chi a great moral conflict too because he obviously also wants his mother back, but he knows he has to stop his father. And the climax of the movie could’ve involved him having to ultimately convince his father it’s best to let their mother rest, and then use the 10 Rings to fix whatever damage was caused. This change to the plot still keeps all the story beats you mentioned.

  43. How do I order that? When I go to their site, the products listed only shows a finasteride and minoxidil mixture. I don’t see a fin only solution there

  44. The only reason this is the case is because Marvel doesn’t spend as much time on preproduction. If they did spend more time, they would be able to plan around this. This is why stuff like their literal outfits have to be CGI sometimes cause they didn’t have enough time in preproduction to decide what their costumes will be.

  45. So, you work on all the Marvel movies? Intimately?

  46. I understand COVID impacted the production a lot, and Sony also decides the release date. But even in movies not impacted by that, there’s been many reports on how improper planning has caused issues later on in the production. For example, in Black Panther, they had to completely redo the entire 3rd act of the movie which resulted in the VFX teams having only 6 weeks before the release of the movie to do the CGI. In Avengers Endgame, they didn’t have enough time to make the Quantum Realm suits in pre, so they also had to make those completely CGI after the fact. With proper planning, these things can be mitigated

  47. The IOS keyboard is so basic and so uncustomizeable. Compare that to gboard on android. I can't pin icons where I want them on the home screen for christ's sake, or adjust their size, or adjust the number of rows or columns, or decide if I want the screen cluttered up with labels under every icon/short cut. As a result I need 3 pages of oversized icons vs a single streamlined page on android. IOS does many things well, like imessage or live photos, but its also very archaic by today's standards when it comes to personal customization of anything by the user, especially the home screen and keyboard. It's too far locked down, the user has far too little say in how their phone looks and operates. That is unacceptable today for many. Not all obviously, but for many. It was fine 5-8 years ago, but not today.

  48. You can, but its only a shadow of the version on android, its barely any better than the IOS keyboard. The Slyder keyboard has the same functionality as gboard for android, but it lacks basic features like spell checking.

  49. True, it does lack a lot of customization compared to Android. It would be nice to have the option for people who want that, but I personally don’t care for it that much. All I want is for Apple to allow us to sideload apps from the web

  50. Maybe he was though. Are we about to find out that what he did went beyond what we initially thought about resources? Eternals seems to be implying that Thanos inadvertently or intentionally halved the population of the universe to bring a halt to all convergences. By reducing resources, he slowed convergences everywhere. Celestials need a large amount of activity on a planet’s surface to thrive. Their arrival may be inevitable, but by pressing the metaphorical reset button Thanos gave life everywhere thousands of years of continued existence. The Celestials kill all traces of life during their convergence.

  51. I’m talking about how he said he would shred the universe down to it’s last atom and create a new one. The people of the original universe all die. So who is he saving?

  52. Future generations to come. He Who Remains gave everyone a scripted story. Those who don’t adhere to the script get erased for ever, sort of the same thing, though He Who Remains at least gave everyone a chance.

  53. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say here

  54. I think regression is fine if we see it or are part of the journey somehow. But she regressed completely off camera. So we got a one note t-1000 until the last millisecond of her arc when she destroys herself. The only layering to the character is brought by 838 Wanda, who isn’t the wanda we know.

  55. Zuko is the perfect example of how you do a character regression. Every writer should look at his character development cause it’s the perfect template

  56. Hell. Fucking Vegeta had a better character arc.

  57. Vegeta’s character arc is actually pretty good. The only badly written part is how quick the other characters accept his presence after all he did to them.

  58. Hey guys don't forget to smash that like button and follow me on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, SnapChat, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook and the other socials!

  59. It’s usually not the same person. People just repost popular TikToks on other platforms

  60. It’s funny cause I hear Android users complaining that their YouTube app is worse than the iOS version

  61. Ahhhh so its basically a key to access the system and make whatever changes they want

  62. Wait, I think there might be since miscommunication. They’re not saying it will affect everyone’s game code. If they mess with the source code, it affects their own system. But if the source code gets leaked, then that means everyone can see the inner workings of the game. Therefore the security of the game is compromised. For online mode, there’s probably protections to secure user data, but if hackers know the source code, then they can circumvent those protections. And even for offline mode, it allows people to pirate the game easier.

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