1. It’s definitely NOT shenanigans. Icesis is having a legit breakdown in the werq room

  2. Honestly this tea, If true, made this season much more interesting and exciting

  3. So the bitch who dog-walked the hoe is gonna judge a lip sync tournament?

  4. My girl Sigourney was supposed to have Dahli's TR and Dahli was gonna be the monster with 4 bottoms

  5. As IF England is somewhere that should an example to the rest of the world anyway 💀

  6. Just like S2. And that time it was 100% abhora's fault

  7. I know being the "chubbier" sister makes her feel bad but why to edit you to look so skinny if we know how she really looks like?

  8. Not that mainsub post that backhands Ellie in the most petty way ☠️ it was two years ago, let it go, sis

  9. Pues ni que vivieran Oompa Loompas o Gnomos en Yucatán 🤣

  10. Exageras. En Yucatán tal vez el promedio es 1.60 o un poco más.

  11. All the digital artists, designers and photographers losing their jobs thanks to Lensa:

  12. Did Hungry ask for credit for Painted with Raven makeup she had for ep 3?

  13. Jan's face when everyone voted to save A'keria while she was the only who chose A'keria to go

  14. Unfortunately I don't think the Boulets are gonna say anything about it.

  15. I just need a motherfucking España Queen. Michelle and Ru love Spanish and latin cultures.

  16. what if brooke is competing and anita is judging

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