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  1. i need non champion cards right now!!!! or else i die!!!!! dont let me die!!!!! add some non champion cards!!!!! helpo me!!!!!!!!!

  2. imagine if there's an ultimate killer and then they end up surviving

  3. Thanks! Also I may sound stupid but isn’t kakeguri similar? I thought it was the gambling back and forth but it was more towards the fan service side. Or am I missing something.

  4. Do you have some kind of source? I'd like to know more about that.

  5. Just remember like most creatures that wake up the first thing they do is want to go to the bathroom. Most animals are this way

  6. She was kind of like us, a danganronpa fan who would love to be the mastermind of a fictional killling game. Also, as the meme states, she absolutely nailed the lies vs truth theme of V3.

  7. Agreed! It was such a shock when you realized YOUR the reason V3 and everything exists haha

  8. It took me a few days to figure out my feelings towards the ending, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that I really liked it, and similarly with Tsumugi. Part of what makes me really like her as a a mastermind is that she is essentially just an obsessed fangirl doing a job that she loves.

  9. Agreed! At first I was so appalled and hated her guts, but now she is one of my fav characters

  10. Maki, Celestia, Miu Kiyotaka, Korekiyo, Teruteru 😳

  11. Buying nonexclusive nendos for more than retail. When we first started collecting I was so eager to get the characters that I wanted, I spent 120usd on a Bokuto a year after GSC announced a rerelease.

  12. So what defines a non-exclusive and exclusive nendo?

  13. Overpaying and not doing the right research

  14. Literally Miu would be the worst mom but I would so be here for it

  15. I remember being in stores and being like it’s cool but I’ll get it later…. rookie mistake

  16. The pop: 10/10, thought I missed this pop release Box needs a tiny bit of work but 8.7/10!

  17. The bright pink 1 x 2 curved slope is exceptionally rare. It only ever came in 1 set, an Overwatch set that was desirable enough that most people didn't part it out. Only 9 sellers in the world currently have that part for sale, none in the US (but one in N. America, in Canada). I would recommend substituting something else if possible. That part is common in dark pink, or you can use a 1 x 1 tile with a 1 x 1 cheese slope for a similar (if more angular) shape. Not sure why the eyes wouldn't be coming up readily though.

  18. Hmm, it was for a certain characters hair color, little frustrating the only color that works is rare, so I should probably just do those tiles and cheese slopes

  19. Post the studio file, instructions, or inventory in any format and I'll take a look. I suspect mescad is correct, though, and the designer used some impossible part/color combinations.

  20. If anyone is curious I just posted the parts on another post on my profile if you want to take a look

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