1. You don't understand, you're a robot! 😭

  2. TIL ChatGPT is the most diplomatic entity on the planet.

  3. It's the only explanation for the ease of their escape.

  4. I think he was confused, since only very few Jedi knew about this teaching of becoming one with the force and a force ghost, that’s why when anakin comes out as a force ghost at the end of ROTJ, it just confuses me, but if you want to say that anakin at the time being was the strongest force user and somehow manage to become a force ghost, then sure I guess it plausible .

  5. It's not a story the Senate would tell you.

  6. Decent idea for a burner / mass (cheap) gift for Christmas

  7. I haaaate Clockwerk, so I guess that means I should learn him.

  8. This submission has been removed for not being directly related to League of Legends.

  9. I think I've seen it like once or twice in the last year (roughly the 1k-2k MMR level, both unranked and ranked).

  10. I expect Summit/Pyosik to be what Huni/Reignover was for IMT. Also is this the first time LCS has gotten a world champion that won the most recent year? I feel like the LPL usually snags any current world champions.

  11. Don't be so quick to demonize a whole group of people until you see the world from their eyes

  12. It would be like an anime script turning into reality before our eyes.

  13. I have a feeling Japan wins in a very high % of anime plots. Hopefully it would be more of a kdrama.

  14. Korea needed help from Uruguay, and then help from Ghana.

  15. As someone who plays a lot of Hoodwink, I would only get BKB against very specific matchups where positioning won't save you and they have high magic burst damage, like Storm Spirit.

  16. We are simple men below 1k mmr, so we never thought there was hope either, but suddenly WE WON OMG WTF, the voicechat went ballistic.

  17. There never was much hope. Just a fool's hopesmirks

  18. Just need 1 and Uruguay to win by 2 or fewer

  19. If Uruguay wins, then Korea needs to beat Uruguay's goal differential (currently Korea's GD is -1 and Uruguay is -2). Edit: and Korea has many more goals scored in total, which is the 2nd tiebreaker.

  20. Like what's the point of this show? It can't have any actual impact unless they ignore the movies.

  21. Yeah, like why would they shackle themselves to the canon movie plot? Doesn't that just limit options and expectations?

  22. I have a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and an M.Sc. in corporate communications and I'm not working in either field (safety engineer for a mining conglomerate).

  23. I mean, that sounds kinda similar? At least it's related with some transferability?

  24. I'm not a bad agent. Just had really, absurdly bad luck.

  25. i see, i will look into it. thanks for the feedback

  26. That feedback was harsh but you took it like a champ

  27. That's crazy. Just adapt one of the books. Or just about wedge training new recruits. Or a generic attack on an imperial shipyard or something.

  28. Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston: "Use my knowledge, I beg you."

  29. Aaron Allston passed away a few years ago if you hadn’t heard 😔 His contribution to the Expanded Universe will never be forgotten, at least not by this rebel scum.

  30. I thought we agreed on "no more super teams"!!!?!

  31. dont think a team with 2 academy players is considered a super team

  32. That takes time and empty streets to work on. If we're lucky it snows later in the day and overnight, when traffic is light and the trucks have space and time to work.

  33. That's why you have to have them on standby and/or laying down preventative salt/etc. ahead of time?

  34. If the OP enjoys Our Beloved Summer, then give "Hogu's Love" a try, too. Same ML (Choi Woo Shik), different FL (Uee), and it's both comedic and fluffy in one way but also down-to-earth and the two leads have to learn how to tackle some more somber real-life challenges at the same time. They released it in full with Eng subs on YouTube:

  35. Wait, when they say "Winter album release on 12/26" they don't mean Winter is going to release an album, right? :(

  36. FLY only has 3 Korean players though. Spica is Chinese and Eyla is Vietnamese. TL's plan the whole time was to promote Haeri and Yeon.. from that standpoint, it was always going to be worse to everyone because those two players need to prove themselves.

  37. If by worse you mean awesome/exciting then let's gooo~

  38. Piglet's been posting a ton of stuff with T1 on IG lately (not saying he's gonna play, but I think he has some attachment to them)

  39. Saudi arabia has 0 chance against Argentina on paper.

  40. See Belgium, also Germany, right?

  41. I was thinking about this during the last episode, but I wonder if they can do a complicated brain bath in bacta and if that would "treat" her injury/condition.

  42. It doesn’t upset me in the least. The SW universe is so much better than the Skywalker family arc and Rogue One states that plainly. As does so much other material.

  43. My favourite Star Wars content of all time is the X-Wing series of books, which has virtually zero Skywalker content and is mainly about star pilots, naval tactics, war strategy, espionage, politics, and humour. The characters are top notch and the action is intelligent and meaningful (to the galaxy). It also managed to embody the struggle against the Empire, just set in the post-Endor timeline. To me it is peak Star Wars.

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