1. And just tagging on to what you're saying here (because it's a point I like to raise awareness of whenever I can):

  2. No, they don’t have to make the first strike. But your fear of such a strike should be reasonable.

  3. I read this as murdered twice before finally reading it correctly.

  4. Is it just for me, or are there no images of the man mentioned in this article?

  5. The man has now been arrested so I think they've removed the images.

  6. Wish it was as simple as that for astigmatism

  7. Now that the UK is out of the EU it can start killing its own citizens.

  8. Bring signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights is what prohibits the death penalty, not being in the EU.

  9. When I was young a 'life' sentence was 25 years. Is it actually literally life now?

  10. If you receive a life sentence, the judge has to sent a minimum term that you must serve before you can be considered for release by the parole board.

  11. On what basis did he try to argue the sentence should be reduced?

  12. Because, although the legislation is not an absolute list, it's the first time a whole life order has been given for an offence which doesn't fall within the examples of circumstances which would ordinarily warrant a whole life order, as set down in the legislation.

  13. Undertaking in my book is a definite gesture where you swerve left, pass, then swerve right again. I have been passing people in lane 2 (sometimes 1) for years because fuck staying behind some joey in lane 3 doing 65 when lane 2 is clear. I move to lane 2 and stay there until lane 1 is free or I need to move back to 3. Don’t sit in your car stewing on it drive safely and assuredly. We’ll never have that German discipline, British people in cars are cocks.

  14. The Highway Code is pretty clear that undertaking includes simply passing on the left as well as moving to the left to overtake:

  15. Meh, they didn't say under cover cop they said undercover police car. The car was disguised as a normal car.

  16. Not the original commentor but there is a difference between an unmarked police car and and undercover police car.

  17. All I can picture in my head is that scene in The Incredibles where Mr.Incredible saved the guy from committing suicide.

  18. There's a real problem with this sort of thing, other than the obvious, and it's this:

  19. When uk cops find out about a potential knife call it is assessed and either “declared” as a firearms only call in which case trojan attend and unarmed units dont or it’s not declared and both will attend they dont just send unarmed units to die

  20. This might be how it should be done, but unarmed officers are regularly sent to knife calls without firearms backup. Maybe not so much in London (Trojan is a Met term) but in other forces, it's unfortunately common.

  21. We need to take a leaf out of Sri Lanka's book. When their fuel system collapsed, people were paying others to wait in multiple day long queues for fuel.

  22. The with means that consent doesn't come into it at all, only age. Do anything with a child, and it's illegal.

  23. So when they use the word "he" that means only males are guilty of the offence?

  24. "He" isn't really relevant. Most legislation is drafted that way.

  25. Yeah the website seems to have the sentence without the charge which is weird.

  26. Because whilst a person under the age of consent can factually consent, they cannot legally consent, and so it is still an offence (but not rape).

  27. The analogous offence for the penetratee would be causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, contrary to

  28. Labour could have used a censure motion if they wanted to target the Prime Minister directly but a confidence vote is traditionally for the whole Government.

  29. If you have to go back to 1965 to try to bolster a weak argument it says something. There have been 20 no confidence votes since then and they all follow a traditional format.

  30. I think a no confidence motion that also refers to the prime minister is far less of a problem than the government refusing to allow such a no confidence motion, despite there being precedent for it and despite it being ruled in order.

  31. Because this sounds so outrageous I have to ask… is this true? Or have you heard about it through Reddit/other people

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