1. I bet they just didn’t have the heart to tell Brook he’s been permanently replaced so they imploded

  2. I mean that and their tour manager since the beginning left the band a month ago or so.

  3. I’d rather it of been pigeons. Twiddle I could atleast sit through

  4. It’s just the torch thing, I don’t think is cool. Just a personal opinion, not trying to offend the herd I promise.

  5. The whole torch thing is dumb. But they are having a blast and it was clear trey saw the torch signaled them to pass it to him as a joke. Idk let people have fun

  6. Rock the dock was pretty good. Lots of older twiddle songs were played

  7. The main producer, his name is Nadav. He’s everyone else’s boss besides Tom And Christina. Enny does the switches and audio/visual and loves hotsauce and shits once a month. They kinda have the most interaction with the show. Zolo, Chris, and Chad will chime in every now and then if asked something.

  8. I haven’t played since maybe the second weeks in the season. Game just feels like a chore at times. Been having a great time playing other games and will def jump back in to see if it feels any better next season

  9. I used to eat a lot of lsd and do raids towards the end of d1. Good times

  10. As a New Yorker I’ve never heard anyone call a slice a square.

  11. Politics aside, any reviews of the candy bar? Love me some chocolate and peanut butter combo

  12. Nyc subway built in 1904. 100 years befor the shenzhen metro. Plus not every subway station looks like a mess like this

  13. You can have an old metro system that doesn't look like it's set in a post apocalypse. It hasn't even been cleaned...

  14. They have been fixing it up. Lots of newer stations now. But yeah some places are scary in the city.

  15. that's weird i just watched that movie. how did i miss this?

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