1. that chris chan is just an epic troll made by the master of trolling himself and made his entire life into a meme so he'll get us good in the end.

  2. If it had legitimately ended with rollin and trollin id have fallin out of my chair.

  3. Any time he called his mom "dear". Instant chills

  4. Either im retarded or this is incoherent. Unsure which

  5. If a 4th grader is doing that...they may be a psychopath

  6. Problem with passenger trains in the US is freight has the ROW and own most/all the rails

  7. This is the proper response to a 6 followed by a 9. Git outta here zoomer

  8. It will last through these 3 campaign books and then fade into obscurity when 10th comes in the summer almost certainly.

  9. Looks like a comfy bed for some homeless

  10. I don’t think you can. I tried logging on to look at my schedule and looked for a place for that to view it, couldn’t find it.

  11. Sounds like you should have called off too

  12. Why was his pencil not sentient with big eyes?

  13. Hote take: TTS was shit. Nothing of value was lost

  14. Every goalie except mike smith and pekka rinne are contenders

  15. Imagine thinking the southern US border is heavily guarded

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