1. There are a few hyped servers right now that'll get DreamMS levels of playerbase on release, but none of them have concrete release dates atm.

  2. I got good enough to not die often enough to actually lose souls. The losing of souls was motivation to get to that point

  3. Did he ever explain how he saw a deepfake porn advertisement on pornhub when it was proven to not exist?

  4. The most logical explanation is that it wasn't pornhub, but some other porn site.

  5. IA is blatantly in the wrong here. Them providing a good service isn't reason to neglect the facts of the case.

  6. You can do exactly what you described. You just can't then give that digital copy out to other people.

  7. There's no point in doing a challenge run if you can't stick to the challenge. If fighting 3 enemies at once with a dagger is too hard for you, then don't do the challenge run in the first place.

  8. That would be incredibly broken and every AP champ would start buying nashors as their first item.

  9. Kind of curious where money gets spent in France.

  10. 'Does France have the option of not raising the age? I’m assuming it’s a revenue issue.'

  11. I mean they could just, like, not work people to death for crumbs? I'm not sure but maybenot forcing your young population into 30+ years of wasted life toiling just to make ends meet and making houses affordable just might make young people more inclined to having kids? Maybe have the upper tax bracket for corporations be the 90+ percent it used to be?

  12. None of that has any bearing on what I just said, and I don't think you understand the problem they're facing.

  13. Probably not. It'd be an incredible card that is similar to snake rain, broken as fuck, but waiting for an archetype that could truly abuse it. Reptiles as a strategy just don't have enough going for them, and while this change would be a great start, they'd still need a more cohesive strategy to even be considered rogue.

  14. Not enough and not the direction I'd prefer seeing.

  15. During the first fight of a campaign, where a player hadn't quite figured out the direction he wanted to take his Human Monk yet - that player was crit'd by a greathammer & effectively died (Let him survive cause remaking a character after the first fight seemed lame.) He decided to take this as inspiration to rework his character into "Square Head", after the shape his head was bashed into. He now swears he invented books and is a follower of his self created religion "The Four Holy Sides". Later on, he attempted to physically change the shape of his head at a town talent show (he had no reason to think he could do this) and then rolled 4 natural 20s in a row to do so, and thus was granted the power to change the shape of his head at will.

  16. Not at all, you just can't blind pick him right now as you usually could. Gotta go into melees & low range laners now where you can abuse the W base damage increase. Azir feels even stronger into those champs right now, but the trade-off is you are much weaker into ranged champs.

  17. P: Up the duration to 60s, make W apply on-hits(not crits) as his new passive

  18. Another explanation- prior to 2007 people didn't have the level of on demand content they do now with streaming services. Why rewatch a film when you could instead see a new one?

  19. Yes, the right gets Hitler and left gets Stalin. Them being the version of a Totalitarianist government at the far end of each respective ideology.

  20. how is paying money for fake porn of your coworkers (who have consistently acted to not portray themselves in a “sexual” light) not a big deal

  21. To be fair, the outrage is more-so about deepfake porn in general which Atrioc became the face of the issue. In a sort of ironic way, he can now empathize with the victims as - up till recently - he'd consistently acted to not portray himself in that light.

  22. Given Joey's Unga bunga ass style, it should've focused on the battle phase.

  23. It basically means Caveman. You know how his original deck was all monsters? All future iterations of his decks operated on the same premise of 'big monster' with all spells & traps being tuned for that goal.

  24. How do you get the Saitama skin for Doomfist? Is it a purchase, an unlock, a battle pass reward, or something else?

  25. Editing stats, your starting class, or soul memory will get you instantly banned on or offline.

  26. Could you not just ask if you could take food that would be thrown away first? As opposed to digging through the trash?

  27. Yeah, I've felt that the 13.5 changes are a buff into melee Champs & a nerf into ranged ones. So I can easily see Azir top being even better

  28. I don't mind the changes, especially with the promise of more to come.

  29. Yes, but they're both better as independent decks. Labyrnth is the better of the two.

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