1. Probably classes (community college preferred) between freshman/sophomore year + working

  2. But it’s your conference bro! How could you not pull for your bitter rivals just to make yourself feel better?

  3. I’ve always had the opinion that I don’t want any Big Ten School to win a Natty until MSU does again, I’m more than happy with MSU being the last

  4. maryland was the last of the big ten schools to win it all

  5. Don't be too upset. Vanderbilt deserved to be in the NCAA tournament, they got robbed. Choking a 9 point lead in 51 seconds is pretty bad though.

  6. This is Michigans like 9th or 10th loss by 6 points or less

  7. I mean they’ve cleared out all the trees over there so I’d imagine that it’s a reality

  8. Great, more college ball talk. Was it not thoroughly covered on the last episode? Has anything changed since then??

  9. God forbid they talk about anything other than football for 11 months out of the year

  10. Think Duke makes a run if they can survive Oral Roberts

  11. This is me. I have them in the F4. But the sketchiest game to get there is Oral Roberts imo.

  12. Well for my brackets sake I hope to the National Championship game lol

  13. I love him on PMT, and I sub to his new show.

  14. The show with Jake has been the best one thus far

  15. No it wasn’t, Titus was throwing Lobs for Jake to say something remotely interesting or funny and he was sticking to playing the straight guy. It ultimately took away from the show. Titus shouldn’t have to carry the whole thing. BFW is way better with tithes. People in here defend Jake saying he’s trying to protect his image for his future broadcasting career. Ok that’s fine. Get him the hell off all the pods.

  16. Meh, not everything has to be funny. I thought they had good chemistry together

  17. Yes seems like a good draw. And we get to play in Ohio. Here's hoping we don't play super late. Would love a 2 pm tip Friday.

  18. Close by, Marquette as a 2, Kansas State as a 3

  19. Edey and not getting clear fouls called on him, name a better duo

  20. Whoever the announcer with the southern accent (don’t watch a ton of SEC basketball) LOVES himself some Alabama

  21. Gonna need new rims after this one

  22. Of course Seuing can’t make a 3 today

  23. Update from the United Center: Michigan fan gets to final of Simon says, was booed very loudly

  24. Like 3 OSU players dove and knocked down Iowa players

  25. Since the basketball is so bad….

  26. Rutgers has 0 points in a half court sets in 5:30

  27. Every time I’ve watched Rutgers their offense has been anemic*

  28. My surprise is Michigan State. They have been shooting lights out recently and have the guard play and experience to make a run.

  29. It is not free or complimentary during spring break. It's possible there will be less enforcement but that will be a risk you take.

  30. MSU is gonna have to beat (probably) Iowa and Purdue to get onto that 6 line

  31. This is why I was holding out hope he would be on the March Madness team

  32. If you want your kid to have a more fun 4 years of college, go to State. If you want your kids to have a better rest of their life, go to U of M

  33. I’m sure you’re impartial as a Michigan fan lol

  34. When do we tell him about the March Madness version of Iowa?

  35. Iowa never making the Sweet 16 under Fran will always blow my mind

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