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N64 Reddit summarized

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  1. Dafaq. I think that says it all

  2. Sometimes people get exactly what they deserve

  3. It hasn’t been for a very long time

  4. I didn’t even realize it said Gory until reading it a couple times. They so knew

  5. One of my favourite under the radar lines

  6. We can hope something good like that comes from all of this

  7. Exactly my reaction. 😱

  8. Sorry, but could someone tell me what the difference is between a fake and a legit? Everything I own is from my childhood. I’m not a “collector” I guess, so it doesn’t really concern me but I am curious.

  9. There are tell-tale signs of reproductions. If you look at the pictures I posted and the descriptions, it explains the sure signs of why this cartridge is a fake.

  10. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see the captions for each picture. But, does the game play all the same?

  11. Don't pre-book. We were Uber "virgins" and pre-booked for a 4:30am pick up to the airport. Price before pre-booking $25, price after $50. Thought that pre-booking was a good thing given the time of day. It was still way nicer than a taxi. Very clean car.

  12. I was thinking about that. I gotta get to the airport for 4:00AM this week. My friend said unicity only. But he’s also a fucking dinosaur at heart. Fortunately I have a friend crazy enough that he’s willing to drive me

  13. Living in Canada. So I worked, ate leftovers and watched minimal football

  14. Seems like an overreaction given the venue and atmosphere.

  15. Her ass was slapped without consent, she assaulted someone who technically assaulted her

  16. Yeah, they should’ve just let her keep beating the hell out of the offender.

  17. Owner starts fire by leaving shit on the stove

  18. Pretty sure it’s an indoor security cam

  19. Ask what they like, and then to their answer you look up at the ceiling and say, Well it Sucks!

  20. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who don’t like tacos. And most of them love them. Welcome to the Peg. Stay unstabbed 😜

  21. That voice at the beginning can suck some balls. Black, white, Spanish, Italian, whatever

  22. Never witnessed this behaviour in Germany 🤔

  23. I’m Canadian, with German background. Obviously with the Ruhr in my name. I would love so much to visit Germany. I bet the beer is fantastic 😊

  24. I’d personally like to add Fuck Vizio in there

  25. Those are some hot dames

  26. I WOULD’VE said staying active outside, but I plan to win this battle. Started running in the fall purely in hopes to keep it going in the winter. I’ll only go out in “reasonable” weather, but even once a week, or two weeks at worst, I must continue. I’m winning so far, but it’s only November

  27. I used to run in winter but I gave up in January when it was blizzard after blizzard and mind-numbingly cold. I bought an exercise bike.

  28. Yes, this last winter was particularly shitty. I know i’m a bad winter blast away from a running drought. It’s just too much at a certain point

  29. Dk64 has been getting a super bad rep the last 5 years, I think a few big youtubers made somewhat negative videos on it and it just snowballed downhill into more hate. Its honestly a really good game, people just need more patience with backtracking going into it is all. I still think the game is fantastic but yeah if somebody dident like it I could see why. But it's in no way a bad game. Banjo tooie is very similar to it and I wouldent be surprised if it get more hate as the years go on.

  30. Yeah it’s interesting. BOTW might be my favourite game ever. I guess to me it’s a different kind of constant wandering. Strange

  31. Seems like all you do in that game and some other N64 games is collect things … I don’t know… I try to like that game and find it very difficult to enjoy.

  32. That’s interesting because I haven’t played DK again since it’s release. I may end up feeling the same

  33. This guy’s a massive cunt

  34. It doesn’t make it ok, but the city is going to be making more noise than you at 2:00 AM sometimes. I say snow blow away at 6:00 if needed

  35. Nothing finer than being an annoying character

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