1. nah knee knew that if he tech rolled he would get hit by ub1+2~1 or sword sweep (both unblockables). yoshi's oki is just that good

  2. Just drop the controller and surrender.

  3. But what does Dave Mustaine think about this?

  4. He thinks this is quite the alpha statement.

  5. Или Вещера или Метро. Експанзията също е там.

  6. I've played this game like 10 times and even I don't know this shit. Kinda impressive lol.

  7. The worst Bioshock but still a good game.

  8. Стандартно за жените.

  9. Аз имам цели 4. Някои хора наистина не са за там lol.

  10. Not enough f4 and electric spam.

  11. Arkane helped on level design on Wolfenstein: Youngblood. That's literally the only thing praised about that game so...

  12. The art style, graphics and shooting are very nice as well. It's not a bad game at all.

  13. Resi Evil, Deus Ex, Witcher, Metro, Wolfenstein.

  14. Leave her lows as it is imo. Characters should have flaws.

  15. People like Ghirlanda, Joonya and Gangonge already do. There are many characters in this game and not everyone will get the same attention at that level.

  16. That was lame as always with Lars. This character just doesn't do it for me.

  17. A part in chapter 11 of Evil Within on Akumu. It was like a lift and several groups with weapons came. I died like 100 times there. Prob more.

  18. Not to sound like an asshole but I don't think such thing exists. No need to be super skinny or jacked but healthy at least.

  19. RE4 and RE7 for me. Kinda hard to choose from these two.

  20. I mean... they are both assholes. So you only have one mood.

  21. What a way to kill the mood, eh :D.

  22. Ако мъж ми каже, че за него бройката има значение, за мене той не е стока.

  23. Lol. Това вече е нещо интересно.

  24. Я си върни думите, не всички игри на убисофт са зле. Assassin's Creed и Ghost Recon поредиците са си добре.

  25. Баш игри без капка креативност и оригиналност. Все едно AI ги прави. Последния GR особено...

  26. Играл ли си въобще серията AC?

  27. The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit/For Those That Wish To Exist by Architects. I can definitely see why people have issues with them, they hardly sound like Architects. But, I grew up listening to a lot of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown, so I’m perfectly content with a softer hard rock sound, personally. They essentially filled the hard rock hole I had forgotten about.

  28. Yep, these two are pretty decent. Not as strong as THAN/Daybreak or All Our Gods but solid nonetheless.

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