1. I don’t know where you’re located and I’m not making excuses; this mentality is a coping mechanism for many people who are hurting very deeply. It’s both a blessing and a curse to be the one to break the cycle.

  2. I'm not saying your wrong about her going to captain, but Kira had a temp commission straight to commander. This is probably one of the least problematic things S3 will bring.

  3. That's a commander, not a captain, and she was put in a position working with the Cardassians with a Starfleet uniform pretty much entirely to show that she was not acting as a Bajoran hell-bent on revenge. Kira's diplomatic field promotion is nothing like Seven being given command of a ship.

  4. Just saying there's an in-universe example of not having to start as 0-1. Doctors don't start there irl either.

  5. Walking headfsst into authoritarian government completely run by and for the mega rich.

  6. Getting involved in local politics is also something you can do, which has an undeniable impact, and is certainly legal. Very time consuming though

  7. That show peaked with the first episode. Even the first season quality fell REALLY hard by the end. Remember the episode where they had a court case and she made friends with some non-satanic lawyer from the town? That was rough.

  8. The first episode seemed like a pilot for a completely different show. Once the creator handed it off to Netflix to handle as a regular series, it became something absolutely nothing like the opening episode or two. I gave up at the end of Part II because it had become aggressively terrible. The cult Sabrina's family were in just couldn't make up their damn minds what they wanted to be. One second they're a bunch of Satanic witches who eschew any and all trappings of Christianity, the next they are blatantly just hardcore Catholics complete with the misogyny, patriarchy, strict dogma and obsessive fealty to the hierarchy. They would flit the story between everyone has orgies because they're Satanists and women have to be entirely chaste to be seen as acceptable from one episode to the next. It was just nonsense. The worldbuilding was far less coherent than the sitcom.

  9. Put the young in dire financial straits and wreck their future, then give them guillotines. Brilliant plan...

  10. They get to wreck our futures and put kids back in dangerous jobs like it's Mary Poppins times and we're dangerous assholes if we mention the kinds of shears that they're going to have these kids working on. Automods are bullshit because they cannot grasp context and just wreck conversations and make trying to communicate unpleasant and tedious.

  11. No, I'm saying that by itself it's not a "safe" decision to kill off half your cast at the end of the movie. I don't know any other blockbuster that ends in complete victory for the villain.

  12. Being skeptical of Labour's motivation here due to their pattern of behaviour and emphasis on serving the corporate sector is not the same as being uncharitable. For goodness sake, don't just go "no u". This isn't the playground.

  13. You got a license for those eggs?

  14. Maybe CPS did respond and the email just went in the spam folder?

  15. I want a Republic but we need to get rid of the honor system and get a written constitution to hold all accountable when in office.

  16. I'm curious how we accomplish 'holding people accountable'. It seems to always rely on government actors essentially investigating themselves or their friends, and they never actually take a real stand against malfeasance. No matter how vicious, wicked, destructive and overt the bad action is, if there ever even is an investigation into it, it will be shielded behind a endless parade of pathetic quibbling and dreary hearings and years (sometimes decades) later come to the conclusion that something somewhere at some point kind of sort of went wrong somehow, but ultimately the arseholes who did it were not actually to blame because magic. I'm reminded of the likes of the Chilcot/Hutton inquiries and the investigations into Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough. They just always get away with it.

  17. First, this is like 4 years later and through a very brutal war, that incident is probably really buried

  18. I don't think either of those things wash as excuses. Padme hadn't seen Anakin in a decade and remembered him as a little boy and suddenly was confronted with him being a mass murderer, so that's going to leave an impression on anyone remotely normal, even if a war happens afterwards. Also, even Anakin knew he went too far as he laments he didn't just kill the men, but the women and the children - he tries to convince himself they are 'animals' but wouldn't have brought up the women and children if it wasn't something that he actually was troubled by. Padme can't possibly imagine that the children were kidnappers and murderers themselves. Also, Anakin stating he slaughtered them all like animals doesn't paint a picture of anyone going down fighting.

  19. To be angry is to be human. The reason she doesn’t believe he killed Jedi is because they haven’t murdered anyone he loves. If they had she would know a slaughter is coming and would have understood. She knows her man.

  20. This doesn't hang together at all. Padme is well aware the Jedi consider anger a great big giant red flag and she herself is working to try to stop the war because she doesn't like mass slaughter. There is a massive gulf between feeling anger at injustice and being a spree killer, and besides the Tusken children Anakin admitted to slaughtering certainly didn't murder anyone he loved either.

  21. This is not wrong. The aggressive attitude toward a growing list of 'undesirables' and the sheer contempt that Tory ministers show to any hint of a question as to whether their policies are morally acceptable or even effective (see the issues around asylum seekers who should "just fly here") echo a very dark mentality that left unchecked caused immense suffering.

  22. Am I missing something? It seems like this is the exact same thing as having a Tulpa except with a name and aesthetic from the Philip Pullman book.

  23. that's kind of what it is, i guess. the main difference is that daemons are a part of their person/host, like two sides of the same coin, whereas tulpas are separate beings.

  24. Thanks for the reply, I see what you mean, put like that there is a bit of a distinction even if the concept is broadly the same.

  25. Provides too much incentive to accept bribes/"gifts"/donations

  26. That’s the counter to saying that paying them more will stop corruption. I was trying (poorly) to make effectively the same point you were. Minimum wage is too far below a functional wage for a congressional career, making taking in additional money in the side a virtual “must” just to survive.

  27. The tension between 'doing the right thing' and 'doing the effective thing' is an interesting theme running through the show but unfortunately it veered into 'the ends always justify the means and anyone who wants to take a minute to maybe not torture someone is a delusional asshole'. Still, for a Fox show it didn't lean nearly as hard into it as it could have, and a lot of this revolved around Jack personally being absolutely sick of everyone making his job harder when they know fine well he saves the world every day.

  28. Time was also owned by Warner media, which was part of the Turner empire, and thus, owned WWF's main competition, WCW.

  29. I would be shocked if anyone at Time had a clue who owned WCW.

  30. While they might be good people in life and want to do good. the issues with being a police officer is that in doing your job, you are forced to enforce the states rules whether they are right or wrong and in doing that you are not a good person when you put on that cap.

  31. The sad thing about going back and watching Generations is that while its a very bad script and really doesn't do justice to Kirk or the Enterprise D crew with the plot, its almost an innocent sort of incompetence with it, at least compared to what happened with the franchise decades later. The execution of its themes are clunky, and the film is far too reliant on events from TNG for a casual audience to really connect with it, but its not terribly cynical about the characters or too self important about its themes. Generations has heart in the right place even if its awful at trying to achieve what its going for.

  32. Agreed. To be honest, I feel like if they had just given themselves an extra year to write the script instead of trying to do it at the exact same time as All Good Things (which obviously ate all their good ideas) we could have had a great first outing for the TNG crew. And it does try to be warm and respectful of the characters in a way that feels so different from the malicious deconstruction of everything today. Even Picard's family dying in a fire was a somber moment of heartbreak and reflection, and gave Troi something to do, all told through a few lines of dialogue, some facial expressions and an old photo album. Now we'd probably have a flashback to them screaming in the flames, and Picard punching anyone who uttered the word "fire" on the bridge.

  33. Words can have multiple meanings or change definition or focus over time. You don't 'pass the bar' to become a bartender, but to become a lawyer, yet it's a concept we still get just fine. I don't see any reason to fight a battle over the broadly accepted term.

  34. Her total salary is in the region of 160,000 pounds, so even donating 20% she's not hurting for money. However, the important thing here is that this is a political leader actually leading by example (all other cabinet ministers in the SNP now do the same), showing they can live comfortably in their country on a good but far from obscene salary, and being familiar with the concept of "enough".

  35. I am sorry for your loss, and I think that your finding the term 'disposable' is really important. It's hard to put into words exactly how meaningless and worthless it feels to try to struggle uphill in this society but that encapsulates it well.

  36. I got some serious Star Wars vibes when he said, “Blue Leader to Group.” Very similar to the Red Leader callouts in A New Hope.

  37. Star Wars dog fights were based on WWII dogfights, so were trying to have things seem very similar.

  38. This is what the poison of indulging in two party system nonsense gets. "The blue team are bad and therefore the red team are the only solution". SNP are many things, but 'Tories' is not one of them, and it's obvious the mentality comes from simply assuming Labour are the anti-Tories therefore everyone else is just 'the bad guys'. We need a radical shift in political literacy and general capacity to think beyond voting for a label or a colour.

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