MAGA dumbfuck says the N word and gets knocked out

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  1. Just turn your head and cough.

  2. Quick poll. Does the dog hump him or piss on him next??

  3. There needs to be a hemorrhoid column, with as much weights these ladies lift.

  4. Looks like a boned out back leg.

  5. It’s the cloak of a woman beater

  6. Take it from me. Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times. I have pics on my profile.

  7. These ladies should get a job driving spikes for the railroad.

  8. She said it a couple times.

  9. Saying the word and calling someone the word are two very different things.

  10. I was told to NEVER say thy word.

  11. Use it as bait, to shoot a cougar.

  12. I know how you kids like‘em Extra Sloppy!!

  13. What makes them veal? They look like normal spry calves to me.

  14. Awww, it’s nice to know that after all those years lil Timmy still remembers how to play the piano.

  15. It’s a makeshift fencing tool. The hook pulls staples, to be specific.

  16. I made a custom driver. Worked great.

  17. It proves that Hunter lied on his gun application. Shortly after this he bought a gun. On the background check they ask about these things. Honestly I think the charges are BS.

  18. Let’s gangbang this donut while watching methed out midgets fight

  19. I’ve got a Blackstone and an appetite.

  20. never ever take on skinheads in a 1v1 situations these guys are actually usually pretty good at fighting plus the combat boots is perfect to stomp someone to death💀

  21. Nah. I’ve taken on my fair share of skinheads in PDX late 90- early 2000. They weren’t much to speak of.

  22. Like the meatball 🤌

  23. Any one got a straw for dude to eat threw??

  24. If you can’t handle this good luck on Reddit

  25. This is called a loan. Usually people tend to get loans on things that serve a purpose. Long term loans are investments. Good investments have a good to high return. Some degrees are non-useful at best, and would no be considered a good investment. Choose your investments wisely.

  26. You almost need a bigger tree

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