1. I really enjoyed the movie but it's so upsetting that it's 100% Historically inaccurate. I'm not "muh history" or anything, I know many many films are like this, but it was so sad to find that out. It's still a really cool revisionist, idealistic story with some of the best acting all year, and likely one of the best action films of year. A really good time

  2. I believe it was initially set for 2019 but the film wasn't ready yet so it was moved to June 2020.

  3. BP was huge and it's one of the biggest movies coming out in the fall. It'll do very well, I predict minimum 815M

  4. Went and saw it last night, and thought it was great. Might not have had an original idea for the plot so to speak, 'It Follows' 'The Ring' all had similar ideas, but it was still wonderfully done. The cinematography was really good for a horror flick.

  5. The camerawork, scares and characterization reminded me of Candyman '21 but better. Did think it lulled in the middle though, you could cut 10-12 minutes out and is more taught and tense

  6. Heck yeah. Wonder if it gets a retitle to "Iron Man: Armor Wars" or something more grand. Still, glad its moving forward. Have long wanted this for Rhodes and Cheadle

  7. I love how into this role Jameela is. She's been consistently funny on She-Hulk, definitely a uniquely annoying villain and she's so into the comedy of it. Great to see!

  8. The film is diverse like the F&F films and will no doubt open at least around 50-60M (Hobbs was 60M). It's hard to get a gauge on it because he really hasn't had a massive movie open theatrically in over 3 years since H&S

  9. Right, it needs between 525-550 million to break even. Something very unlikely to this film.

  10. It's practically guaranteed a China release and I think it can do 700M with that

  11. I adore that the movie is conscious of how ridiculous it is. While delivering one-liners left and right, Woody Harrelson is also adopting the mindset of his character, a serial killer. The PG-13 rating for the movie actually manages to get around it fairly well. The humor doesn't always land, according to me, but you can't help but appreciate it.

  12. Though I hate the "R-rating is better" camp that crops up for various projects, I think this would've been best with it. Still solid for the PG-13 boundaries though

  13. Screenwriting team is great. Together they've done the first two Apes films in the new trilogy, Avatar 2&3, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Prey. Awesome!

  14. I predicted Butler would get nommed for Best Actor in July after I saw it. Middling movie with a great central performance a la Joker and Bohemian Rhapsody, but also one of the best actor performances all year

  15. I think Meg's comics are cute but this is way funnier than any of her punchlines. Good job!

  16. I kinda feel this ngl. Ever since Guardians (or maybe Begin Again, idk) it feels like every film that lacks personality tries to make up for it with needle drops. Looking at you, Cruella!

  17. I knew it. When I was at Epcot in January I thought, "theyre definitely going to make this a movie soon."

  18. You're on DC_Cinematic, this is not an unpopular opinion here for obvious reasons

  19. Studios only get about 25% of the Chinese box office. Even if Black Adam does $100M in China, Warner Bros. is only taking home $25M. Hence, less profit.

  20. That's still 25M they wouldn't have, and a home video market that would be much slimmer in China without a theatrical release.

  21. I don’t see how your comment relates to what I said. I never said not to release in China.

  22. Yes, but your original comment implies it's almost a sham to "look profitable" from China. It is still profit.

  23. This is hilarious, I love that the last kid turned night mode on somehow

  24. It's crazy that this is so detached from the reality of the job force/completely unfunny

  25. Reynolds is exactly what the Rock wishes he was. Marketed to high hell and has a part in everything, but normally well-received and viral with every ad he crafts. He also takes himself much less seriously which really helps

  26. Not one mention of The Rock in this tweet or title but you are still seething about him.

  27. ?? I like the Rock a lot, his films are decent and he's a good spokesperson but RR does it better. Idk how that's seething 😂

  28. Why is Ben paying for public school? After all, Harry was kicked out of every private school he was sent to, which is why he went to Midtown.

  29. Ya never know, D3 could pull a TLAT. But JFAD also has a chance of being awful. I dont see a middle ground for that film, itll either flop or be extremely successful.

  30. D3 has the same team behind it as the last two and they seem to know what they're doing. I'd be shocked if it turned out that poor

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