1. And I’m sure the people that gave it to them are already regretting it. If GH did submit the Alexis’s 25th special them SHE won them that award along with the Director staff and whoever was writing.

  2. Don’t forget the clear difference in cinematography. That background of Ahch-To in TLJ looks like Endgame level beautiful and makes TFA scene look like battlefield Earth trash.

  3. I’m kind of get tired of people saying that Joss has it harder in the situation than cam does. While from a obvious view that it is definitely true because in real life that is always true. However Cam is different than most guys in this situation. Cam was persuaded by joss to have sex. It wasn’t on his mind at all to bring up to her in their relationship, she brought it up because Esmé manipulated her and while everything falls back on Esmé; I feel really bad for him because he lost his virginity in an awkward time in an awkward moment and is now on public display for the whole town to know what happened during his first time.

  4. I am reading spoilers and I think Drew is gonna talk Nina into buying Carly’s half of the metro court so she doesn’t loose it and then when he tells Carly she’s gonna be mad.

  5. I think he’s going to mention that she lost all of her fortune and sold half of a Metro Court to buy stock but I don’t think he’s going to ask her to buy half of the Metro Court back for Carly. Why would nina to do that. It’s most likely he’ll ask for Nina to assist him in bringing back the stock revenue of EL I mean Aurora media by buying into it. Because he slips up and probably mentions that Carly sold her hotel to help out so Nina will take the opportunity to buy the hotel as she rightfully should

  6. Well yeah maybe Drew gives Nina info and she uses it……I’m just guessing with the spoilers it has one day it says Drew is talking to Nina about a proposition-obviously something business bc of what just happened. And then another day it says Drew tries to explain it to Carly but she won’t listen-that’s why I think Drew makes a deal/plan with Nina and I’d think it would be about Carly/metro court. And I don’t think Nina will jump right into whatever Drew is asking her to do but after you know Drew’s therapy talk she’ll do it. Maybe she’ll help aurora cause we know Carly won’t like anything Drew has Nina do.

  7. Yeah the whole Carly part being involved can be confusing but when you take into the realization that she has to always stick her nose in every single solitary damn thing it could be a million little things (love that show) he’s talking to Nina about I mean they could be talking about the tissue they ran out of the target that they were both just out and Carly would probably be bitching about it.

  8. Yeah others have said the never bash others either. So now what are we to do? We don’t know this aTwotter person. I don’t know what you’re expecting. …

  9. I’m expecting people to actually take this and see it for what it is and speak up . enough people to actually say enough is enough and we don’t need a young black woman’s pain being exploited on a soap opera just for the storyline to be stalled out for months and months while the actress who is playing the character gets ridiculed for it and the character herself who is being a representation of these real life black women is constantly being attacked and put down. Trina got drugged Trina got accused of making a tape of her friends having sex Trina got arrested for it going to court for it Trina is going to lose her education because of it.

  10. So now you have a problem with the storyline because it puts her character in a negative context (which will come out that she didn’t do it), and because she’s black and has this type of storyline? Because she’s a black woman and they shouldn’t give black woman anything that may make them look bad??? It’s a soap opera. Kelly Monaco gets drug thru the mud all the time for her attitude being negative and her facial features being always frowning. I have not seen any comments that say the person Paulo g Trina is ugly because she black. If someone doesnt find her appealing, that’s their preference

  11. It must be sad to actually intentionally T-shirt out of contacts and then completely such as degrade someone’s point of you so that you can talk shit. My problem is that the storyline is making it too realistic with this shit but at the same time stalling it out longer than it needs to be. If this is a soap opera then why are they doing such an accurate job of having a young black girl arrested for a crime she did not commit get losing her education and possibly looking at serving time. It’s exploiting Real black women’s pain for profit.

  12. One minute this one minute that. I mean to be honest that sounds like an accurate account of WB’s decision makings.

  13. Does anyone think that Taika is just gonna fuck it and make a Star Wars movie about earth? I mean he said that what was gonna happen was gonna piss off old Star Wars fans and from what I seen collectively nothing pisses off old Star Wars fans more than the idea of earth being involved. Outside of you now saying Leia was the driving force of the rebellion and the true main character of the OT.

  14. I disagree. If only and only they were not willing to give her additional pay because they would have to take it out from the 3 new leading actresses. If they chose to give them higher billing as the stars I respect that because this does need to be a new series a new chapter that moves on. Otherwise what the hell was the point of the fifth one???

  15. Than why is his pants look like they belong from Wayback in the day

  16. Also why does it look like he’s still wearing the same outfit from when he said I died a slave lol?

  17. Huh interesting. I wonder if this means that everything that happened in the first time was somewhat in the jokers head and somewhat real events and Bruce is actually his brother and has gone crazy thinking he’s a vigilante and gets locked up right next-door and they share this chaotic disillusioned world of Gotham together. Yeah that would be a whole different way to show the dynamic between Batman and Joker both being locked up in Arkham.

  18. Losing a love one is never easy but I could not imagine loosing your child. Hope their family heals and they take off time from both shows for as long as they need. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  19. The only time CM really ever acted like Drew was when Sonny was off his meds and went off on him for being a Jason substitute at Curtis‘s club 😂😂😂. As funny and accurate as it was, it was the only time Drew looked cold and stand-offish like the old days.

  20. Michael made a campaign contribution from ELQ to the district attorney. Completely legal. Reprehensible that corporations can do this, but legal.

  21. Except for it wasn’t done through a corporation. Michael made it seem like it was because he used his money from his ELQ shares but the truth is that he actually did not use it from a corporate business point because he does not work for ELQ. Therefore when he stated that me and Willow made a financial contribution to the DA he openly admitted that he on his own will without the extent of working for ELQ donated this money. That’s why the judge called out the DA for the shit it was too blatantly obvious.

  22. I’ll do anything for you. If you want me to stay away, I’ll stay away.

  23. OK you know they’re watching and reading everything we say on social media if they insert a line for Carly like don’t let Nina live rent free in your mind. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people post that shit on Twitter ready in just in general but that should be the first fact to show that these writers are paying attention to what we don’t want and yet are still giving it to us anyway.

  24. This whole year the story lines have sucked and I’m not gonna lie it was not pleasing at all to hear that Nicholas slept with Esme. They’re 25 years apart and anyone that feels that that’s good story is just it’s just disgusting.

  25. The writers hate everyone in the entire world there is no way in hell they would give us that. They’re too immature misogynistic to actually craft the idea that wouldn’t make it seem so stupid and sexist and if they did I guarantee you they would not use Britt but they would probably use Carly 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. So apparently there’s a rumor on Twitter going around the GH writers are actually on the social media accounts looking at all the fans comments and they are apparently writing the storylines to make us even more mad because they find it amusing. Apparently the most amusing comments come from peoples animosity towards Trinas storyline being stalled for others. I’m done with this show’s writers F all 3 them dickheads🖕🏾.

  27. Sonny had nine months of a different personality and feelings for someone who he had spent time with and developed all on his own. Nicholas is a 40 year old man falling for an 18 year olds con who has no real interest in him so I think we know who the bigger dumbass is

  28. Please read fully what I said before trying to comment I don’t know your intentions but I don’t want to assume that they’re negative. They are Spencers but they’re too young to do Spencer shit

  29. I am not sure what age Rocco or Jake or Aiden are supposed to be. Jake is a teen - so definitely old enough to do Spencer/Quartermaine (adopted dad/birth father) shit. I am sure that Jake will be among the next teen scene.

  30. That’s understandable and I’m grateful that you clarify your intentions. I’m on the edge because you know you got to be clear for at least for the next 312 hours on any social media app because of all the shit that’s going on. Never know who can just say something just to say it.

  31. No the best option is for the judge to just decide that Wylie needs to move halfway across the country and then Michael decides that he needs to go and try and kidnap him and never come back on the show again. That would be the best thing to happen.

  32. I’m cautious because he had marital problems with Jackie due to her career in Journalism and the fact that she slept with his son didn’t help. Alexis is in both of those boats so if he is seeing HER for HER then I’m all in. But if he’s reflecting off unresolved feelings-no.

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