1. Budweiser is the Official Beer Sponsor of World Cup. 12 oz Aluminium bottles have WC branding.

  2. Art Frames near 6th and Wakarusa. Local shop, does great work.

  3. FYI Lawrence Times doesn't pay wall like the other sell out paper in town, no need to paste the article. Click through support actaul independent LOCAL journalists.

  4. Considering the point of actual LOCAL journalists being a rare thing, much less a thing for for the size of Lawrence. Yes, yes it is, that's the point. Support LOCAL journalists and not national "news" conglomerates.

  5. It's in orange, it's in tribute to owner Neal Patterson who passed away that year. It's orange because he's an Oklahoma State alum.

  6. His seat in his family suite is also one of only 2 non blue seats in the stadium. It and the Victory Project seat is also orange

  7. I once had a brewery toast and comment something like "Thanks for visiting, we are super happy you enjoyed it!" ... My rating was 1 and comment was your " I know your small brewery issues an electric RIMS and you've burned your mash on this one."

  8. The west stands are the side with the press box right??

  9. Correct, the west side is in the player benches, press boxes and shield club.

  10. ........... I'm going to save this for everything I go to

  11. I read about it once, he tried suing mls and childrens mercy park and sporting. I don’t think it worked for him in the end though. He claimed to have gotten brain damage from the kick.

  12. The lawsuit is still in the courts. He has experienced permeant neurologic effects.

  13. Yea, I believe that is new this year, the tiered pricing based on how close to the field the seats are

  14. here to say the same thing. The parking access there is ridiculous.

  15. Omahan here. Had a blast. You’re our kind of people, KC, and you so deserve the World Cup. Go ahead and win the Cup!

  16. Thanks for the kind words. I was pretty taken back by the older Omaha Union couple that sat in front of me (on the east stand). At some point early in the second half I looked down and she was texting someone how KC fans/people are insufferable and "We have a huge duck [dick], behind us.". Note: I wasn't trying to spy her texts, but she had iMessage zoomed to like 250%.

  17. Have you considered the possibility you are actually a huge duck? I’m sure you were a great ambassador, given our experiences.

  18. Her first message had "duck" then she typed "dick" as an entire second message and hit send. So yea maybe you're on to something the second message was a whole other topic.

  19. Virginia Creeper not virgin. Some people consider it ornamental but it's pretty invasive and some people, like me, can get a serious poison ivy like rash from it.

  20. Auto correct can only guess based on what you've typed a lot for.

  21. There is a policy that forbids wearing the away team's colors/insignia in the member stand (and Budweiser Brew House).You will be told to change clothes or leave.

  22. That's the true OG of low bridges and truck/camper interactions.

  23. The last tech YouTuber I know of that posted a joke title about "don't divorce me"... Well that video and the spouse isn't around any more. Not sure I'd tempt fate.

  24. People that think they need to go 45mph on brick streets designed in the 1800s is why.

  25. Okay but was that really necessary? I lived on the 800 block of Ohio for eight years and I don’t ever remember seeing anyone driving like that in front of our house.

  26. It is much much worse a few blocks west since Ohio is adjacent to the Kentucky/Tennessee one ways.

  27. Linus said 2 or 3 WAN shows ago that it's going to allow a full custom load out of what bits you want. Also additional packs can be bought.

  28. It seems there's way more to it than FCU chanting "We Deserve Better" and "Not Good Enough". Lets let those on the front lines hash out the issues.

  29. It was indeed non-other than Ian "DeeJay Proof" your friendly Free State Brewing Company bartender.

  30. The Lawrence Humane Society does them, they don't "advertise" the service because they are often cheaper than the vets around town.

  31. I believe they have "events" where it's even cheaper, again out of respect for being able to under-cut vet clinics they don't advertise them.

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