1. It’s like cruse control but applies the ABS to maintain slow speed down hill I think it only works 15mph or lower.

  2. Aside from sharks, there has also been an Orca in the area last week. This is obviously not him though.

  3. Going to need more tools…

  4. Well, yes. I considered leaving it. It’s actually inside that those colors are created. It is jam packed full of mud and water and I think there must be oil, or some sort of petroleum that is in or created from the soil. I considered capping it, and keeping it in there for display.

  5. I didn't see it but I argued with a child about whether we were hearing a plane or a helicopter and I still don't know which of us was correct.

  6. You’re both correct. It’s called The Osprey

  7. Found in northern New England

  8. Happened to a whole pallet load of 30 racks at Walmart in nebraska as well.

  9. More than likely repackaged at the distributor’s warehouse.

  10. Just on the foreshore? mental that. Regular finds there?

  11. Yes, once the tide goes out there are a lot of things left behind and uncovered with some minimal digging.

  12. Very cool! What's the name on it (it's a little difficult to tell just from the photos)?

  13. I bottle dig in Maine and have been collecting bottles most of my life. This is an awesome find, I have a few similar to it. I’m pretty sure this is from about 1915 or so, an earlier crown top. I hope this helps, and thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  14. It’s Beckett & Co. out of Calais, ME. Dug it about 30 miles south of that in Lubec.

  15. That color is amazing. Doesn't look like it was in the surf for long.

  16. It’s like been tossed about and settled since the 50’s-60’s, the company Beckett & Co. isn’t too far from where I found it. It’s actually a clear bottle but they seem to get coated with some sort of petroleum/iron substance while buried that gives them an iridescent color.

  17. Beautiful jar in a lovely photo. Just for reference, a half gallon jar is about 12" tall.

  18. Yes, it is about that in height.

  19. I believe it is a half gallon. Dug out of the mud on the shore.

  20. Brass onions, not to mention he was probably making .35 an hour.

  21. Thank you, love finding them!

  22. Very cool finds! Always neat to see someone so close to me on Reddit, I’m just across the way in Blacks Harbour NB

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