1. Depending on the situation yes, like people that work crappy stressful jobs tend to assume everyone else in the same situation drink coffee for energy, and similarly if you're on a night out or something it's assumed you're probably gonna get plastered

  2. Pretty sure it's not limited to "people who work crappy stressful jobs"

  3. My dad was drunk once and threatened to cut my hair off cos it reminded him of my mother so I think my divorced parents do

  4. Oh that is really sad. I am sorry to hear that. Sending you love (if you will allow it).

  5. Oh don't worry it's not the worst thing about it I learnt to laugh about how shit my childhood is lol

  6. Is it in a cute way? You're a spoiled brat either way but if it's in a cute way you're probably able to get away with it

  7. I should not have to tell a 19 year old grown ass woman not to poison themself with random chemicals because they want to drink tap water thats below standard quality.

  8. And I shouldn't have to listen to a random stranger on the internet how to live my life because they'd find it convenient

  9. Some people have to learn it the hard way.

  10. And some people don't want to learn at all they just want to have fun even at the cost of their longevity

  11. It matters to me because my friend and I like to have non-serious competitions on who's is higher

  12. I rarely wear socks, so technically I change them weekly, but only because I only wear one pair a week

  13. Vans are for soccer moms and serial killers. I’m neither I think lol. I miss the full size conversion vans from back in the day. I wish they would bring them back. I have a 10 year old pickup with an 8 ft bed, I use it to haul my kayak when I fish and throw the dead coyotes in when I hunt. It serves a purpose.

  14. I'm still confused, what sadistic mother just throws their kids in the unsecured back of a van?

  15. I’ll answer that with a question, why don’t school buses have seat belts?

  16. A lot of parents only got married because they ended up having a child, usually unplanned, and didn't want to have the child born out of wedlock. (Could be for personal reasons, could be religious reasons etc)

  17. Depends on your country, in the UK it's not acceptable to do any form of offensive attack on anyone. Period. Outside of pushing to get someone off you, if you make any form of attack, even if they swung first or have an offensive weapon, you can be tried for assault. I think?

  18. I've been having a similar issue with most stations, sometimes songs will play twice or even thrice over

  19. I mean sometimes clothes are just clothes. I still wear the hoodie I "borrowed" off my abusive ex cos it's comfy.

  20. I was taught how to cook basic meals at 7 so... I'd say it's a little late rather than a little early

  21. Gamers (men and women) like to insult and belittle other gamers (men and women)

  22. Oh ya all the time. My grandmother forgot who people were, that she was sick, that she had stopped smoking, that people had died, all sorts of stuff.

  23. I think OP is making the joke about how if you forget you have it, you don't have it

  24. Because people are more willing and open to talk about their trauma these days

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