1. GC3 doesn’t need any additional software. It comes with a FSX license.

  2. Can you post a picture of what yours looks like?

  3. I use the annual $250. The way I understand it is that you don't get upgrades if you buy the lifetime subscription. But that may have changed since the last I checked.

  4. You get upgrades as long as you maintain the subscription. The lifetime is an add on for when you stop paying the yearly subscription. You’ll be able to play the last version you had before canceling.

  5. You’ll hear a lot of mixed experiences for all software.

  6. Forget about TGC and try GSPro. TGC will not be updated or developed further. GSPro is continuously adding new features and game modes.

  7. It really depends on my goals. I won’t drink If i want focus on my game without the destruction of alcohol. If I’m out with the guys just playing for fun and not worried how alcohol will affect my score then I’m almost always drinking.

  8. I have a set. Nice darts, very grippy, like A LOT of grip. Playing with them for long periods of time leave my fingers a bit raw.

  9. I know it’s going to be awesome!

  10. Suppose that's an option, was hoping for around $200 or less I could find a decent sim range. I'm surprised no one has come out with a super robust range only sim.

  11. FSX Pro is a robust range only sim. But that’s limited to Foresight launch monitors.

  12. I really dislike the animations on animal battles.

  13. Amazon mixes inventory a lot. Even between their own and other “fulfilled by Amazon” items.

  14. Still plenty of room above the monitor and overhead

  15. I feel your pain. I’ve yet to break 80 as well, my best round was an 80 with 39 putts. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. https://www.dartshopper.com/unicorn-pro-slimline-dartbord-surround.html

  17. doesnt ship to NL sadly, and no local shops sell it

  18. Do you do any golf travel? Do you already have a travel bag? If not then the Sun mountain clubglider.

  19. Depends on the sim and physical setup. Typically you will physically have a perfect lie hitting off the mat, but the sim software will take into account a lie penalty or knockdown depending where the ball is in sim.

  20. It’s also easy to be decent at it but really hard to be good

  21. 5 sets; 1 steel tip and 4 soft tip.

  22. Had my cat pee on the screen once. I just put it in the washer machine and let it hang dry after. Came out looking good without issue.

  23. Wow. I love that idea. Thanks! I really hadnt thought of that.

  24. Last week I was playing Auburn when the guy was shot across the street. I was on 8 then as well. Need to stay out of the valley lol

  25. Crazy. You were pretty close then with 7 and 8 being next to the road.

  26. Clubglider. The wheel stand makes it so easy to move around.

  27. You should just get TGC. It has what you want, which is the video game experience.

  28. I suggest joining the GSPro discord and asking the the help and uneekor channels. Someone there can help get your connected.

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