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  1. I imagine infant mortality rates are pretty high on Pandora. Maybe only 2 of them made it...

  2. I was in the market from February until May. Made 7 offers before having one accepted. Some of the places have since closed and the final sale price is now publicly available. I was the highest bid in 5/7 cases, but lost to other "terms" (cash sale, waived inspection, larger deposit etc.). The market is brutal and I don't envy anyone who is trying to buy right now.

  3. Can I ask what area you were in and what your offer looked like? Was it over a certain amount, etc? Did you have contact with the seller? That’s amazing! I think right now we’re on offer 25? Offering between 30-50 over asking, but can’t bring much competition wise other than attempting to speak with sellers that are listing their own homes and offering a quick closing time period

  4. I was looking in a huge swath of WNY, from Lockport to Ellicottville and as far east as Warsaw. I was fortunate to have an awesome realtor (happy to recommend via DM) that was very thorough and prompt putting offers together. I did not have any direct contact with the sellers, everything was handled through our realtor and the sellers' realtor.

  5. That was the only thing he didn't fuck up.

  6. I think that all seating sections in front of the 500-level of seating are covered.

  7. What's the mower model number?

  8. The manual lists Part# 362011179 for the PCB Board

  9. Where'd you find the manual? I just wanted to double check the part numbers.

  10. I question the sanity of a Canadian that would willingly live in the USA

  11. I question the sanity of a Ontarian that would willingly live in Ontario if they are trying to afford a home.

  12. Moving back to the US after a short stint living in Canada. I chose to settle in WNY. Looking forward to it!

  13. This information is really useful, but in the current market, I would exercise caution about getting your hopes up. Depending on the hotness of your housing market, most realtors will advise their clients against accepting non-conventional offers, which includes VA, USDA, FHA loans.

  14. We do live in a volatile housing market. But do you know *why* someone would advise their clients against a non-conventional? I've only been doing this for a couple of years and don't see any downsides.

  15. Full disclosure: I've been trying to buy a house for the past 4 months. My realtor has been straight up with me that if I do not consent to waive an inspection - regardless of the competitiveness of my offer - I will not be able to compete. I've also heard from several listing agents that they advise their clients to not entertain offers with an inspection because it can be used as a loophole to get out of the contract if something is discovered. Since many of the federally-backed programs require an inspection, agents will advise their clients to not even consider them.

  16. Did you ever find a amicable resolution? I'm not trying to steal anyone's pet, but if you are looking for a re-home, I'd love to have this tank as my mouser out here (Darien area).

  17. I agree with many of the comments that demand is still high, but there's also historically low inventories in many markets. Less homes = inflated prices.

  18. Wind River did a decent job of portraying life off the grid...and a lot of snow mobile porn.

  19. I would never feel comfortable with having my rights in jeopardy or having to fight for them. It is a huge deal breaker and scary what some places are trying to do. Its not a perception. It is fact.

  20. Sheetz. When I was travelling often down to PA & Virginia, I knew it was I could grab something to eat and they have a clean restroom.

  21. I got E Coli from a sandwich there. No thanks.

  22. Thank you for this. Posted this in the eagles sub and gave u credit

  23. This is awesome - I’m no magician at Tableau, but have you thought about having the consensus board update on real time?

  24. I could definitely do it manually tonight, but I'm not sure if there's anyway to automate the process.

  25. Tennessee drafts a first round QB

  26. Thanks for your assistance pulling together the boards.

  27. Love it! Been looking forward to this one since your pre-combine post

  28. Thanks so much! I'm glad that you've found it informative.

  29. Maybe the Chargers for a franchise LT?

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