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  1. No.. Humans are evil from the inside. hatred will always exist in any form

  2. Your baby is cute, but I suggest you to not share pictures of your baby on internet... please

  3. I am INTJ woman and I find attractive alpha male chad masculine MAN in general

  4. Being clean. Skin care, cleaning their hairs and stuff. Cleaning their stuff they live on. Being honest with their feelings also.

  5. Oh, this is so new. Who would ever think this kind that man think more of sex than woman ? Unbelievable

  6. I'm a full time student of Civil Engineering and part time structural calculist in a consulting small company.

  7. that first one just seems wrong, unless I'm certain it's for the introvert's best and I know they'll love it, I won't intentionally make someone feel bad for not going to my party. It's like... if you don't want to be at my party, as far as I'm concerned, I don't want you there either.

  8. The thing is, we never want to go to parties.. But sometimes if someone obligates us, we realize it was actually fun... You gotta obligate the introverts to get out of their comfort zone

  9. Sounds like nonsense. For most population sensors dominate but this reads as discrimination to me.

  10. Would it also be a discrimination if they were more likely intuitives?

  11. I think is just genetics. So black people normally have hereditary from their parents that were most likely also black people

  12. Seems like it is enabling you to escape from in-person communication unless I am misinterpreting you

  13. I dress all black, blue or dark colors. I use clothes that make me look attractive and sensual

  14. Umm 20 years in the US Army is retirement. I collect a pension. You must be unfamiliar with the benefits of the US Military.

  15. I am unfamiliar because I'm not from the US and in my country with don't have such things

  16. Ok if you do 20 years in the military you can retire and receive 50% of your pay once you retire. No waiting till a "retirement age". For the rest of your life. Pay is different depending on rank and time. But trust me it may be young to retire at 38/39 but your body is normally pretty broken down after.

  17. Between 60 years of youth and 20 years of oldness... Is enough for me.. What I don't want, is to love old since my 40s. I would love to be forever young, but probably there will be a time that being young will be boring... More than 80 years of life would be boring also haha I DON'T KNOW. Why you did such a difficult question ?

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