1. A chest circumference of 40” is bigger than “X-small”, especially for a brand catering to a group of men that’s often smaller than typical. Is 40” the the chest measurement of the garment or the chest measurement of the person who’s gonna be wearing it?

  2. For chest width and hips, I would specify that it's circumference on the sizing chart.

  3. Size For Bicep X-Small— 14” Small—14.1” Medium—14.5" Large—14.3" X-Large—15" 2X-Large—15.

  4. Always go big. Oversized Ts look much nicer than tight ass ones imo

  5. Depends, what do you do and what are you trying to avoid?

  6. Not outing people so they can still get comfortable clothing if they’re not able to express themselves

  7. Where is the frame from? And what size is the frame?

  8. From the Range in the uk and the size is 36”x 24”

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