1. I bought this long stick pruner device and it is so much fun. It's like a giant 7foot grabby arm that cuts branches up too high. I've been giving haircuts to all the bushes and then I even cut a tunnel under the bushes for the cat to cruise through. He's done really well on the leash and so I added a line for him to be out while I chop bushes. I realize he wasn't trying to escape per se, he just likes brushing his face on trees and tickling his toothless gums trying to chew grass. Happy Sunday threaders!

  2. QOTD - if you could open any small business in your neighborhood, what would it be?

  3. And that's all you can really do right? I'd rather someone work hard and make a minor mistake then deal with a know-it-all the whole day. :)

  4. Anyone else notice others make mistakes and think nothing of it, but when you make a mistake it's like the worst most embarrassing thing and you feel like people are judging?

  5. You should be printing that phrase, putting it on the bathroom mirror and trying to learn to be more loving with yourself. Seeing yourself and giving yourself the same standard as you allow others can be really freeing.

  6. I did that thing where I became so exhausted and didn’t take a nap so as a result I am now wide awake. Any suggestions for a good documentary?

  7. I watched "The Rescue" about the children stuck in a cave in Thailand. I thought it was remarkable. So many people had to come together to save those kids!

  8. Sometimes they leave them unlocked. I've gone in before and unplugged em haha

  9. This reminds me of several hotel stays where previous guests set the alarm clocks in vacant rooms at 3am. Takes a loooong time for the hotel to get someone to go in and fix!

  10. Does anyone get an almost unseemly amount of pleasure from breaking down cardboard boxes?

  11. I do not get this pleasure BUT I do enjoy seeing cats in cardboard boxes and seeing bunnies chew cardboard. So many uses!

  12. omg! we have a cat here, my roommate's, and he straight-up loves boxes. As soon as I set down a box he will jump into. "If it fits [he] sits."

  13. I've seen some crazy cat box houses online. People are so creative when they love their pets!

  14. Why the mods delete my posts about USPS giving out free COVID test kits? It's not necessarily about LA, but it's not like people FROM LA wouldn't benefit from it. It's about community and such. Kinda lame on the mods part tbh

  15. vloggers got it rough.

  16. I think they have the killer on video in a different business shortly before. The person was asking strange questions and being weird.

  17. Update: my bunny has survived his head first door-crashing hit yesterday and I am so relieved!

  18. I think maybe he really loves your cat and was worried it might drown if he didn't get it out of there?

  19. That's pretty insightful! Maybe but I don't think he even understands what drowning is. Who knows- he always surprises us and I know he is a fan of the cat!

  20. The cat chased the bunny and the bunny ran head first into a door. He's hiding in the closet. Im afraid he's going to come out like Pet Cemetery or Bitch-Stewie. I just wish that bunny understood that the cat has NO teeth and NO nails. It's all bravado. Anyway my day will be spent worrying and being sad and codependent.

  21. Still in the closet. Bunnies are trained to not show pain so I really don't know. I'm going to check a little later. Usually bunnies hide and sleep in the day so its not entirely unusual. But my heart will break if he is really hurt!

  22. An email this morning, that I checked right before leaving for work:

  23. I subscribe to "Special Books for Special Kids- SBSK" who mainly post on YouTube. I don't care about any special access or anything. I just want them to keep doing the work they do while living comfortably/without financial insecurity.

  24. Going on day 3 with no word from the guy I was seeing regarding our exclusivity conversation. Also noticed he was gone from my list of matches on Tinder which means one of two things: 1) he unmatched me (aka he is not interested anymore) 2) he deleted his profile (he's down for exclusivity). Seems strange to do either of those things without first having a conversation with me. Anyway, I've decided I'm done moping about it. I don't want to date someone who doesn't know how to effectively communicate. We are both 28 years old and if he doesn't know how to use his big boy words by now, I don't want to deal with that. I was sitting on the couch crying again yesterday and I had a moment of "what the f am I doing?" That boohoo poor me behavior is very much post-breakup-2020-cinnamon-girl and that is not who I am anymore! I worked very hard to embrace that I am kind, intelligent, decently attractive, financially independent - and I've got a great ass if I do say so myself!!! No more moping for me - there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  25. The thing is my little lady- it is actually a very GOOD THING to have feelings when a relationship may be ending, etc. It's not "uncool" to have feelings and you aren't stronger by shutting off and toughing out emotions. You feel what you feel and that is what makes you who you are. You already know all of the awesome traits you possess and you know that you will get through this with ease > but give yourself a break to be a human being. A human that is lovable and gives love. Having feelings about losing a relationship is not self pity or boohooo behavior. It's an acknowledgment that you are full of love to give and that is such a great part about who you are. Feel what you feel.

  26. You could probably get your boss to use that as a funny marketing point! And I love that you think up things like this. Shows you are liking what you're doing!

  27. 🎶 Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming

  28. Oh man- don't even joke about that. People are honestly unhinged these days!

  29. I thought this was interesting- especially the part where students concerned about Covid left class to go meet up in a giant group. I feel bad for them, the teachers and staff and everyone involved. What a mess.

  30. Well, the trial of a man accused of killing and dismembering his parents will be postponed because the defendant tested positive for COVID-19. News reports he is vaccinated, so it's likely this won't kill him. Both the prosecutor and defense attorneys said they do not want a mistrial. I wouldn't think a mistrial would have been on the table from illness. Has anyone ever walked because they got sick during a trial and a mistrial was ordered?

  31. Why can't they zoom him in? And NO, many defendants have tried to have illness set them free but it just delays things. Suge Knight and Robert Durst had heart issues during their trials.

  32. And this guy is the epitome of ‘trying to have illness set him free’! Albeit fake illness to set him free of any accountability for his own web of lies. This positive COVID diagnosis may be one of the first real and true diagnoses for him. Oh the irony!

  33. OMG you're right! Although who knows- from what I learned here in CA- the prisoners have all tried to get and give each other covid since many of them will get released because of it.

  34. I got covid. Started with symptoms on Saturday but both at-home and PCR tests came out negative. Did an at-home test today and saw two lines. This is covid round 2 for me I had covid back in March 2020. Got my booster back in October that shit been worn off.

  35. Ugh I'm so sorry- that stinks! Please get some rest and make sure you're hydrating and all of that stuff! People may be sick of hearing about Covid in general- but I'm certain that no one here in the daily thread is sick of giving support and love to someone we see every day that's feeling ill. I hope it passes soon. xox

  36. AND I never got an airport ride in return!! Ugh! 😂

  37. Seriously?! Any time you feel tempted to pick up the phone- just remember LAX and the the flights changing and all that shit and you will be CURED!

  38. I cried when they showed the drawing that Gabriel made his mom in school. It hurts me so much to think of how the only thing that this boy wanted was to be LOVED.

  39. Just need to get this out there. My local Ralph’s has slices of cake by the front and every trip I’m always tempted but haven’t mustered up the courage to buy one because there’s better places for cake in the area but I’m too lazy to go

  40. I have to be honest- every time I have deviously got a slice it never tastes as good as I think it will! Never. When I feel the call of a slice- I try to go to a small business bakery or cafe and get a sweet there. Rather they get my money and I know I'm getting something special!

  41. Last week i saw this lady walking her cat near work...she had a second one in a stroller...today saw two dogs running off into the desert...hopefully the coyotes dont get them cause these two were smaller...

  42. We went a couple of months not even knowing WHAT type of fruit was going to grow! My neighbor has a giant lemon tree and I'm going to buy one of those looooooooonnnnggggg pruning rods to get some lemons over here!

  43. That's amazing! I'm glad that he's able to enjoy life outside and that you considered what he might appreciate. He's a lucky boy

  44. he lied about every single aspect of his life to me when i met him so hearing all of the other lies come about is really not surprising

  45. I hate to ask, as I'm afraid of the answer, but what happened to the prosecutor?

  46. Absolutely NOTHING. Even though he clearly did it - no one saw him do it and of course he's pals with all of teh FBI agents that looked into it so nothing happened at all.

  47. I know. I sure learned a lot about the federal govt doing that jury duty. The federal prosecutors AND the federal public defenders all work in this same building and all know each other and are friends. Gives a whole different picture of what goes on behind the scenes!

  48. Over the holiday break, I decided to do something I've never done before. I made a monthly meal plan.

  49. She was military trained- and she was warned by people yelling GUN GUN he has a GUN and I believe she could even SEE the gun from the angle she was at.

  50. Almost became a victim of a "pig butchering" crypto scam on FB dating. I'm sure it's probably common knowledge in the dating apps world, but please be careful with who you connect with and the kind of information they share with you.

  51. You don't need to feel shame because someone else is a stupid lying con artist. You did nothing wrong. Hugs

  52. Thank you Mother, seeing your message really brings me warmth. :)

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