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  1. Good luck at finding op and bleach singles. It’s hard to find. (At least for me)

  2. I mostly buy them off Amazon I’ve had good experiences with them maybe just because I live in Canada but they always arrive in good condition I’m probably gonna buy some one piece box sets and the third bleach box set when I can find one that isn’t like 300$ lol

  3. Yea I want to start collecting bleach. The big problem for me is that im broke lol

  4. Definitely with you on the collection reading goal. I've been reading more regular novels, so my pile is growing

  5. I’m trynna collect atleast two of the bleach box sets which ever are fine I’m trynna also get more berserk deluxes/singles, vagabond vizbigs and singles As well as get the gantz omnibuses I just gotta read hella manga online as well that I ain’t yet and maybe collect them Hope you get to do what u trynna tho 👆🤞

  6. Vagabond in general is hard to collect. Good luck my boi

  7. Pain. I’m expecting op box set 2 in the mail. I’m on my hands and knees praying it’s not too damaged (it’s Amazon)

  8. Fall 2023, 7x10, 3 in 1, leather hardcover

  9. Bet. I only got the 1st volume so ima wait for the 3 in 1

  10. I would be down as long as your okay with having a rookie. (I never played before)

  11. I see you've entered the hell of the tower of God physical release schedule as well

  12. How is the fire force omnibus? I'm still debating on whether I should get those or the singles.

  13. I hope theres physical releases of God of Highschool and Bastard in the future

  14. Idk if its from Japan, but ranking of kings. I loved the anime

  15. When I started out I got a wacom intuos tablet. It is on the cheaper side, but it's also without a screen so a bit harder to get used to at first. I got a samsung tab that I use more frequently now, it's also not as expensive (at least as far as screened tablets go) and I'd say it works pretty well! This is just my personal experience, though. Were you thinking of a tablet with or without a screen?

  16. Me personally, I would get the eternal editions. But I can’t make that choice for you

  17. I agree, kinda. I hate the omnis for gantz. It’s too thick and too short. And that goes with most omnis (OP, Naruto, 7 deadly sins, etc) but I like the DB and DBZ omnis. Instead of making them thicker, they made it taller instead.

  18. Ep 60. It was so chaotic from start to end. With some really cool moments to boot

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