1. The whole thing screams “antics of two rival time travel teams competing”

  2. Always look into things yourself and never blindly trust random fan wikis.

  3. 'Can You Dig It?" is so much better than the 'Dig It' on the Let It Be album.

  4. yeah, but it's still much harder than any other lightning 4-2 method ever performed by a human

  5. I'm sorry, but I don't understand. How can the new Top Clip method be easier than the other methods, while also being much harder than any other lightning 4-2 method ever performed by a human?

  6. The new top clip method is easier than other top clip methods but much harder than other lightning frame rule methods.

  7. For me, it was realizing that I had only written physical descriptions of what was happening and never describing things emotionally. I had also used to have an overtly literal style of writing which I replaced with a more loose style.

  8. I find it easier. I don't have to focus on writing new characters or location and can put all my focus on the story.

  9. Global News. They're left leaning in ideology, but their reporting tends to be fairly neutral.

  10. My dad told me the "orange you glad I didn't say banana again" knock knock joke when I was three and I turned it into "shirt you glad I didn't say pants again"

  11. As an adult, I once did a 'Gorilla you glad you found this calendar?' joke to someone over text.

  12. Why would they cheer for the bad guys? This is wwe, not aew.

  13. FJD says:

    Make a post in those Canadian subreddits to bring a faction to the show and then take over the show

  14. Most of the idiotic content you see on Tiktok is intentionally stupid in order to get attention and clicks. Which, in my opinion, is quite stupid on its own.

  15. As someone who watches a lot of non-English films, even I think watching them makes you a snob.

  16. Am I the only one not interested in seeing Roman vs Rock? Asides from them being related, I see nothing interesting in this match-up.

  17. Personally (and I admit that this might be a terrible idea), I stay up hours later than I should, and my mind just becomes more creative. I don't know why, it just does. Maybe it's because I'm a night owl.

  18. Except for when your cat rolls out every single toilet roll you own, then under is the only way to save probably half a rainforest from said cat.

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