1. i suggest 3600 mhz ram, and save some money by getting a 12400 instead of a 12600, it is way cheaper plus it goes better with your motherboard

  2. so many people ask what good airflow is even though it is legit 3 words and it pisses me off too

  3. it is overheating probably, get a laptop cooling pad for like $10-$20

  4. use danny devito, and make sure to use the magnum dong sound

  5. it is safe but i recommend you completely shut it down at least once a week

  6. shutting your pc down resets uptime and in my experience solves some issues, you should look up why it matters

  7. it is not possible to get stuff new for that price, but getting an old used office pc and throwing that gpu in it would be ok

  8. don’t pay for windows, you can literally get it for free

  9. 13700f can’t oc when the mobo can, spend another $100 to get a 13700k

  10. the fan spec you asked for is perfect and what they sent you isn’t the worst but it still stinks

  11. you should have gotten a z motherboard because at that insane budget overclocking makes tons of sense

  12. you need a z type motherboard to oc. b550 has boost but not oc

  13. 32gb is slightly overkill, and the ssd is a bit fancy and expensive, but it looks perfect

  14. That does not alleviate the current problem I have. I'm aware of the bottlenecking but I do not have an ability to purchase anything rn

  15. If that's the case, then how do I explain the FPS drop in games after changing the unit?

  16. might be software issue or you overclocked your gpu before and it reset

  17. Well, I couldn't get the screenshot while moving, but moving makes no difference and it's not only on rust, it's any other game.

  18. does the cpu ever get utilized more? also you could only be monitoring a single unused thread

  19. Yes it does get used more when I open my browser (Opera GX) but otherwise, I haven't really looked for anything other than that, and my games.

  20. make sure in your overlay settings you have cpu selected and not cpu1, cpu2, etc. also try reinstalling your overlay it appears to be misreading

  21. could be driver issue or broken gpu, it is a very old gpu

  22. it could be temp issues, but it is much more likely that your laptop is completely fucked

  23. I would be surprised if it's a temp issue because running simple tasks on Chrome should not cause the system to throttle or pass out.

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