Almost 90% of autistic women report experiencing sexual violence, according to a new study. The results also revealed that most victims had been assaulted multiple times, that this began when they were young and that they were rarely able to report the abuse or receive care

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  1. I'm 36 and battling a crippling alcohol addiction. I used to drink like you do coke .... Now it's every. Single. Day.

  2. Maybe I should turn you in like you did to me? I couldn't hurt other people. I truly hope that you overcome the bottle. I'm full of wisdom and I hope you were just drunk when you violated my trust.

  3. Where did you find my profile? You stalked me to be a narc?? Leave things you don't understand to the professionals. You, sir, are not a professional. You are an unwanted stalker. 🤮

  4. Why won’t they release more information? Like how they were killed or how the bodies were found? Might help the case, might not, but I can’t think of another time where they didn’t share that info for this long

  5. How would either of those help identify the killer? Especially if the sketches, video, audio, etc wouldn't? There's lots of cases where that information hasn't been released, Missy Bevers for instance is an older case where cause of death has never been officially released.

  6. This made me extremely sad. We've come so far but it's thinking like this that needs to die out for progress. This trash planet is an embarrassment and the skid mark of the entire universe. Intelligent life hasn't made contact because we're arguing over primitive topics with absurd responses like yours. I really need help from an entire life of abuse. I barely made it through today 😭. I wish I had a strong person of any gender to help me. I would never exclude anyone or try to make them feel like they can't be part of feminists or supportive. You've possibly alienated someone who has value and could help. 😭

  7. I do this if I'm in the aisle seat. And I have absolutely no hesitation to keep doing it.

  8. Alec Baldwin's wife had someone take photos while she did bizarre yoga poses in the aisle seats. I commend you for being polite and respectful. You matter too and I wish the airline would accommodate you. You aren't even the type who'd seek out those accommodations. The Kardashian/Jenner people need to fly you private 💕💞

  9. I'm in my forties and have never told anyone what happened when I was a kid. I was scared back then. And confused because it felt good and part of me wanted it but I knew it was wrong. Now all these years later, I just don't know what it would help by telling anyone. I guess I'm still scared to face the memories.

  10. I searched "abuse" here on Reddit for help with what I'm facing. It's dark, really bad and dark. I was in group therapy with a young lady who looked like she was just a girl. She called the future encounters as consensual because she had climaxed her 1st time at 5 and just kept letting it happen. Those were her words. I sincerely hope that she received further excellent therapy because she was absolutely a victim just as you are. Sending caring thoughts of healing your way 💛🧡💜🤍

  11. Looks like the perfect place to get your blood drained out in a satanic ritual

  12. That's what I didn't want to think but admittedly, I did. I'm searching reddit for "Abuse" because I'm looking for help. This showed up. I'd endure all the pain of all those children and suffer until the end just to help. I truly believe euthanasia should be an option for me. I'd donate my organs so that I could give life to those who have a chance.

  13. So he read books about how bad abusive parenting is, and then kept doing it… some people never learn

  14. You have my heartfelt empathy. I really appreciate you sharing this and I hope you're able to find peace and healing. I understand what abuse can do to a child. I might always carry a wounded little girl inside but I'm on a lifetime of trying to find healing. ❤

  15. Thanks. I knew he wasn't Lisa Marie's son because sadly he passed.

  16. I'd love to know if it was the same mod that banned me from UnresolvedMysteries for life. I'm neurodivergent, asked a question and she thought that I was rude. BAM! I lost my favorite subreddit.

  17. Meh. If it was signed, maybe but this is another example of over reaching mods. I'm💀 on UnresolvedMysteries forever because I am slow and asked a question. I'm neurodivergent. She was offended and that's all. I was called rude. I'm truly the most polite person, I'm just not able to understand certain things without help.

  18. In a lifetime we rarely meet our real friends. Most people are merely "friends." I'm sorry you're going through this and I wish I could be your friend and help you. I understand being hurt by "friends."

  19. Where is there help beyond words and prayers? I would appreciate any advice or feedback. Stalking you isn't worth my time or energy. I'm trying to survive. Thanks

  20. Mate please don’t I need this to be it for me I’m so sick of my suffering. I just needed to get it off my chest so that I can go without stress

  21. I sincerely hope you aren't stressing out on top of everything else you've been dealing with mate. My private messages are still open if you want to continue chatting or if you need anyone to listen. I hope the best for you; please update if it doesn't cause you stress. People like me care. There's a lot of things I understand. I hope there's a path to health, healing and happiness in your future.

  22. I've had private conversations with OP about their family, their health and their circumstances before writing that comment. I suggested privately that OP get help.

  23. Yeah I did just test it out and it worked, thanks heaps mate I appreciate it

  24. It's called markdown text, iirc. Please send me a pm. I understand where you're coming from. I'll even talk you through this.

  25. This makes me so angry. Pro life for the unborn, but we are already busting at the seams for the currently born. Kids having to sleep on the cold floors of DCYF because there aren’t enough foster families to house them. And too TOO many kids are taken from broken homes and not enough is being done to follow up on the foster families they are being placed in because the system is overrun, overpopulated and there aren’t enough workers or time in the day. For prolifers- I say SHOW ME you care about the born before you force MORE kids to be brought into an already struggling system. These workers are many times having to have their hands tied even when they ARE INFORMED on malfeasance in a foster home because they have no other option for those children or are told to turn a blind eye by their superiors for the same reason. It’s NOT good enough. These children NEED more help then we currently are set up for. And it’s going to cause MORE abuse and child trauma of SA and child murders because they are now going to be forced to birth children they don’t want. Reunification to bio parents can only be accomplished with the help of foster parents. It’s their job. And too many times the foster parents are not doing their job to help the bio parents who DO want and ARE working towards fixing their lives to be back with their children. And for the instances where reunification ISNT a possibility, these kids need a loving foster home more than anything to help them to transition into SOME KIND of normalcy, but instead these kids are fighting for their lives at every turn.

  26. How can anyone turn a blind eye to the humanity of the children already born into this world by no choice or fault of their own? These truly heartbreaking cases repeatedly seen in true crime have opened my eyes. I haven't found anyone with a solid argument about why the pro life agenda is a good thing. It's doctrine from the Bible, so people feel strongly about their stance however it's not something that I will ever support again.

  27. There's a lot of blame to go around. The police failed these families by treating an active shooter as a hostage situation. No one wants to take accountability for these innocent lives lost. The mom is likely as damaged as her son was but used drugs to cope. We don't know the family dynamics and how she was raised. We're probably seeing generations of dysfunction.

  28. Well hell let’s give her sticker for being mother of the year. The root of the problem is HER and that sperm donor. Had they been RESPONSIBLE PARENTS innocent babies would be alive today enjoy their summer vacation.

  29. That's the kind of oversimplification that perpetuates the problems but if it helps you cope, that's fine. I'm more prone to looking at the psychological aspects behind these issues.

  30. Lool. It's basically repackaged sex store items. How did she get away with selling this to tweens?


  32. Geez, slow your roll, dude. Do you always put words in people's mouths? You're just arguing with yourself here. No one said she was lucky. But she did catch a break, an extraordinary one given how bleak things were looking, and I remember my joy at hearing she was alive. You can simultaneously rejoice that she was rescued while not detracting one iota from the horrors she experienced. As the saying goes, "the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."

  33. I'm not sure why people are offended. The statistics show that stranger abductions almost always end in death. She is a success story and incredibly strong to have done so well after the horrific experience she endured.

  34. That’s an interesting viewpoint and hopefully every possible connection is being investigated. With my minimal knowledge of the case/family, it seems that the entire family is at high risk for crime - to perpetrate and/or be a victim - so I don’t tend to think the two incidents are connected. But who knows. Like everyone else, I hope there are answers about Summer and people are held accountable.

  35. When I was a kid, there was a single man in his 30s who lived across the street from us. You never saw him with adults. He was always with boys who lived on the cul-de-sac. When he saw them outside, he'd come out of his house with a remote control car and drive it around to get their attention. One time he invited my mom and me to tour his house, and it was filled with toys: an air hockey table, a Hotwheels set, a Nintendo system, stuffed animals. It appeared as if he'd designed it so that kids would want to visit. My mom told my brother and me to never step foot in his house; she knew that something wasn't right.

  36. You're right. That doesn't make sense. Why make the trip up there and not search your place (even if to 100 percent remove any doubt). But, then again, they had an awesome search team in town, and they sent them away. Why not let them search the waters to 100 percent rule them out too? The process of elimination would make the most sense when you don't have much to go on, wouldn't it?

  37. This is an excellent point. There's a recent case I found that reminded me of Sandra's. The car was in shallow water and for lack of better words, sank into the mud just far enough that it wasn't visible.

  38. I'm not sure if it's the same one or not but there's one on AWP of a woman in Florida in which her car was only 18 inches below the surface in a retention pond and no one noticed the car there. AWP found it.

  39. I believe you're right! That's the case I was thinking of. There are probably more cases like this as well.

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