1. Yes and yes I got a carver and I usually run em at night and look at my shadow because I can see how my stance and arm movement is and I try improve my hip shoulder and arm movement.

  2. There's a really good movie about francis of assisi while the two worlds Muslim caliphate and the Christians were killing it each other it shows the humble journey of Francis trying to find peace between the two worlds showing us that we are all gods children and the greatest thing he has given us is reconciliation. It's kinda an old movie and really low quality 60s style movie effects but if that doesn't bother you this got a really powerful message.

  3. Also if you really do your research about the knights templar you'll find out they do not work for God.

  4. Not much maybe about 2k month but you don't miss what you never had just gotta wake up every day and thank God for what he has placed in my life. I'm out here in Hawaii I have a wife I have a place money for gas in my car,surfboard and world class waves couldn't ask for anything more tho be honest.

  5. Gotta be Laird , Pancho Sullivan or the great JBG. You don't see any big muscular guys on tour anymore the only one I can think of who's any good is Jordy Smith.

  6. I 2nd Jordy, he’s not shredded he’s just a big dude for a pro surfer. Conor o Leary built but doubt he’s hitting weights. Zeke probably pretty strong too. Dad played football iirc he’s built pretty solid.

  7. This Winter a guy dropped in on me on a steep wave, he didn't make it but his leash went around my forearm and pulled tight.

  8. No lie you was pulling his leash so you could make the wave but karma said no to some lance burkhart shit.

  9. Yup call that getting leashed here had one guy rip my g shock off and another time it wrapped around my leg and pulled me under like a booby trap.

  10. I own my house and I'm sick of having some new random donkey on my street every week. Plenty people moving because they can't afford rent, too many vacation rentals driving up all the prices.

  11. So if you own your home you should be happy and count your blessings instead getting all riled up on the internet. If your a home owner you can become a board member or HOA member and do something about the street fleets rather than fight randos in the internet web.

  12. If they aren’t bothering you or anyone else, who tf cares?

  13. Don’t go to Sushi Bay. They withhold wages from employees. Caught doing it twice now.

  14. If you're trying to save your eyes from surfer's eye UV eye protection is much better.

  15. Some kind of high impact googles would be sick like if viper started making googles

  16. Takes another toke of the bong~ on that note they need to make a lil windshield wiper addon for the the gopro to get rid of them water spots lick and dip only works so good .

  17. We're only on this earth once make it count home is where the ohana is.

  18. Luxury for me is sleeping in van Infront of an a frame beach break with no inhabitants around any suggestions? If you really want a luxurious surf trip just go to oahu for two weeks one winter and stay at turtle bay. The hotel has two intermediate friendly reef brakes plus the hotel is amazing with a bar overlooking a point break. Jamie has a surf school down stairs with a bunch of legends who work there I'm sure if you booked a lesson with one of em you could probably pay them to show you some spots and make a man out of you North Shore style. I don't know your budget but if your looking for a luxurious surf trip why not go all out and surf the seven mile miracle aloha!

  19. Emotional support Chicken is worth a shot as long as it's a hen and not a crowing roster you could get away with it.

  20. Love that show on kiku tv was cheesey but good and informative. Hopefully he finds a new venture best of luck!

  21. Two friends and I went out for a surf/camp on Vancouver Island. We camped a gorgeous sand beach with a couple of really well developed sand bars. Spent the days surfing, exploring, and telling stories by the fire while drinking whisky, smoking good BC bud, and chewin’ on some shroomies. Only saw one other surfer, who showed up for a couple hours, surfed, then left.

  22. Yo I wanna go to surf in Canada just to say I did it. This is what surf trips all about adventure and drugs with the boys. Glad you had a good time bro keep on living the dream.

  23. We'd happily welcome another Pacific islander. Mahalo.

  24. Bra now that I think of it other than the mainland I've never not surfed and island Hawaii, NZ, Japan, Bali and the biggest one from down under aus. VC island would be great mission but the misses would need to stay and some nice spa hotel while enter back into a natural Tarzan state while tripping on mushroom in the forests of endor .

  25. They probably enjoy the journey more than the result.

  26. I agree with this I think that it keeps the open world more alive and is a slap in the face to those who sat in a instance while mage bot boosted them. It's like do they know they're giving gold back to the same people they bought it from??

  27. Yeah I hear this was a crazy situation during the pandemic while our local nurses were busting ass getting paid not enough to make a comfortable living the travel nurses were making bank staying in luxury hotels in Waikiki I even heard from one travel nurse she was getting a rental car paid for! Mahalo to all the hard work you nurses do for us and taking care of the people of Hawaii I appreciate all your hard work and mahalo for taking care of me when I was sick.

  28. Seen a sunset like this surfing in Sydney felt like I was surfing in morodor

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