1. yes i know i’m short. Supposed to hit 5’8, hoping to get around 5’10 but not likely considering how short most of my family is

  2. there are two sexes. whatever you identify as is none of my business

  3. probably a lot of it ngl. When i made this video i had a habit of pushing my tongue back a lot

  4. there is no such thing as female tenor, you can be mezzo soprano

  5. i mean male sopranos exist like Alex newell so it’s possible. But wouldn’t a female tenor just be a contralto

  6. well i mean male sopranos are called countertenors

  7. No he’s not a countertenor he’s had his vocal folds analyzed he fully is a soprano

  8. Whitney and Lea Salonga. Maybe Makenzie Thomas for a younger example.

  9. Congrats on posting! I love low range voices so happy to hear yours.

  10. I’ve had really long rehearsals recently so my voice is tired as fuck, sorry about the poor quality. I could do better but this was the first time in a while I’ve gotten the chance to actually sing for myself instead of just a backing bass line constantly

  11. im no proffesional but i just wanna say that i think everyone has potential to get way better than they normally sing, and ur singing has told me no different. vocal coaching can change someone voice like yours 180.

  12. you were completely right my voice has changed so much since this. Still not where i want it to be tho

  13. There’s the time i jerked off in school and then there’s the time i fought a teacher

  14. depends on the quality of the notes but that’s a pretty good range

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