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  1. Actually helpful, this child is going places!

  2. This is why we’ll never get Immortal, a fair subsection of the raid is stoned out of their minds start to finish.. and they were kinda bad to begin with.

  3. Even a bad player can eventually learn how dodge the few mechanics there are in Naxx.

  4. Jag kom undan en liknande grejj med en hårsmån för nån vecka sen, satt på Burger King o käka en burgare. En tjej satte sig på platsen framför mig, hon verkar titta åt mitt håll och säga nått, men ja hör inte för jag har lurarna på.

  5. Well ok so.. now I really want to read book 5, lol

  6. We are running a different patch than we had in retail phase 1 so numbers are all wonky and we can't really compare 1 to 1. Warriors especially are tuned to ICC levels of loot where they are insane, but in phase 1 they just don't have the gear yet.

  7. That’s the copium every Warrior is clinging to right now, we’ll be terrible for 3/4 of the game, and then suddenly blow up the meeters.

  8. I think the idea of blowing up might be overstated. Yes potentially the warrior who gets the axe might stand alone on some fights but from what ive seen and heard rogues and mages still pump and are very consistent on nearly all fights.

  9. Kind of makes me want to just quit. If you can get full Best in slot setup, with Shadowmourne, you can expect to be, at best, low-middle of the pack, better on cleave fights, if WCL don’t exclude damage to adds.

  10. So suddenly Poland is about to invade Ukraine?

  11. Assuming they won’t nerf that too, lol

  12. I’ve only seen a fox up close in real life once, it ran across the road as I was riding my bike to work one morning, beautiful animals!

  13. Ingen varmdusch den här veckan heller då. Saltvatten och bark börjar bli tjatigt. Med lite tur så kanske man kan bli överkörd av en Tesla så att man får åka varm ambulans och få värktabletter.

  14. Tror du på den? Du får nog ringa en taxi eller krypa själv till sjukan för dom där värktabletterna.

  15. Food so fresh it’s still alive! 😆

  16. "Ok," goes in the back for 5 minutes, digs out a new charger, comes back. "here you go, a brand new laptop, I even transferred all your files and settings onto it. Enjoy."

  17. ”It looks almost exactly like my old one!”

  18. He couldn’t lie, or he’d be committing perjury, he was already caught, painted into a corner by his own false testimony on the paperwork. So lying on the stand, during cross examination? He’d have to be truly stupid.

  19. At least he was smart enough not to perjure himself on stand during cross examination.

  20. Two.. and I really can’t remember why I got them to 80. I leveled my Shaman first after Warrior, did dungeons and alt raiding on it for a while, but didn’t enjoy it.

  21. Holy shit.. I’m so glad my dad was nothing like that growing up.

  22. Cops know the era of impunity is slowly but inexorably coming to an end, but instead of embracing reform, they just get more violent.

  23. Don’t blame the cops, they’re dolts. Blame the politicians who enable them. They were never hired to protect you and me anyway.

  24. They are willing trigger-men, I think there’s a lot of blame to go around, but you are supposed to refuse to carry out illegal orders or enforce unconstitutional laws. But they choose not to.

  25. Ironically, it’s probably easier in a GDKP because people generally care about performing well. As opposed to a guild run where perhaps half the raid is just going through the motions.

  26. Some of the actually decent players are making noise about trying, but it’s pointless, too many players can’t handle even the most basic mechanics.

  27. I signed up for extra work during the Holidays, beats sitting home alone feeling lonely and misserable.

  28. It's standard practice, a resignation looks better than a termination when you're applying for your next job as a cop in the town a couple of miles down the road.

  29. They changed the layers in classic to accommodate for another game? What the fuck? Buy another server you cheap khants

  30. Were guessing, but the coincidence is uncanny.

  31. At some point people just check out, it’s happend now in my guild. People show up 2 mins before raid time, demand summons, collect loot and then fuck off until next week.. if they show up at all.

  32. Not necessarily, the cops will almost certainly claim QI. They’d argue that they just followed orders, the warrant was approved by the prosecutor and a judge, it’s not for them to question their superiors.

  33. WTF Find my iPhone is worthless at actually finding your phone, unless it's close enough for you to hear the sound it can send to the phone. The maps always shows it anywhere but at my house.

  34. Never underestimate the level of sheer incompetence and general laziness of Law Enforcement.

  35. Det är bara folk från Borås som stjäl!

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