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  1. Context: Over the course of her reign, which began in 1553 and ended in 1558, Mary I Queen of England burned at least 280 people at the stake for heresy, as part of her opposition to the protestant reformation.

  2. peppa had an episode where they “fix” a natural tourist attraction by literally covering the natural tourist attraction with a parking lot, it’s been banned in my house since.

  3. You mean to tell me that they paved paradise and put up a parking lot?

  4. as the old saying goes, the Greeks invented sex, and the Romans figured out you can also have it with women

  5. The version of that joke I first remember hearing is that a group of men are in a bar, bragging about their respective countries greatest achievements/contributions. The discussion comes to the Greek who declares*"We invented sex!"* to which the rest fall silent, conceding the point, save the Frenchman who retorts "Ah, but it was our idea to introduce it to women!"

  6. Truly the single most perfect and holy human being that has ever or could ever exist.

  7. Antivaxxers and losing children to preventable childhood illnesses.

  8. And also a lot of Islamic prayer isn’t music just in name, because in practice that’s absolutely music.

  9. I'm italian and I am now tempted to make one of these and hang it on the family christmas tree when I go visit for the holidays. Just to observe their reaction when they notice.

  10. Just remember you'll probably have to snap the spaghetti to get it to fit.

  11. My Grandmom is spinning in her grave right now!!

  12. That would be more useful if she had wheels, then she would be a motorbike.

  13. Noooo, you can't say bloodthirsty theocrats violently oppressing everyone who isn't a straight man is bad, that's Islamophobia!11!

  14. Chiquita was formerly known as the United Fruit Company, it was at their request that the Eisenhower administration

  15. Protestants and Catholics are natural enemies. Like Pagans and Catholics, or Jews and Catholics, or Muslims and Catholics, or Atheists and Catholics, or Catholics and other Catholics. Damned Catholics, they ruined Catholicism.

  16. One of the few but most brutal actions the church took against heretics.

  17. Yeah but goggles suck, they always fog up and never completely help. I always used an n95 so im kinda on his side on this one.

  18. Buddhists are generally pretty cool…👀😶‍🌫️

  19. One day, one day I'll serve srd a bowl of popcorn spicy enough to make it there.

  20. Wow. You guys really don’t know the difference between ReLiGiOn and Christian Nationalism (or Jewish nationalism, or Muslim nationalism?) Do you?

  21. History? I'll shit on the war Christians are waging on women's bodily autonomy and LGBT rights today.


  23. Damn, really wishing I'd paid more attention in basic wumbology.

  24. Yeah, turns out it there was a reason art school rejected him.

  25. I was under the impression that modern 'witches' mostly keep to themselves and don't really do anything other than make religious conservatives uncomfortable.

  26. 100% of victims of witchcraft during dark ages have since died. Coincidence? I think not!

  27. The fact you blocked someone pointing out you're spreading a myth and then downvoted comments they gave support for is not a good sign. Don't spread fake news, it isn't healthy.

  28. You do know other people can see a person's comments even after you've blocked them, right? It's odd how quickly you've fallen apart at the mere fact someone pointed out you were wrong.

  29. PCM posters and actual nazism, name a more iconic duo.

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