Current FBI Raid Undergoing at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home.

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  1. This guys breaks all the rules and nothing ever happens to him … hope he finally gets his

  2. Not letting you see the bank account is a HUGE deal and speaks to trust, transparency and communication … that’s just the tip of the iceberg of things to come in the future, IMO

  3. Everyone’s piling on OP but they’re not reading the context … this was happening WELL before the baby, and the baby was mentioned, what, once? Stop being so quick to judge … he’s asking for insight for crying out loud

  4. So fuckin tired of this guy … you shoot a ball through a hoop, you’re not a savior sir

  5. Should I trade Pierce for Singleterry? I have Cook and he has Mack

  6. Pretty much what I’m thinking (or hoping, that White turns into someone useful). I like Curtis Samuel but I think we’ve seen his ceiling

  7. You will also have to cut three players to take them on

  8. Why does she still have them? That’s the much bigger question for me. Past is past. But keeping them?

  9. Why are most Trump fans fat, ugly and bloated with hate? Oh wait, I think I answered my question

  10. The only thing worse than these asshats use guns to qualify their self-worth … is wearing brown shoes with black pants. Eek!

  11. this is refreshing because me and my boyfriend’s relationship actually does feel this way even over the phone lol and in person, it is even better. it was as if i was living in a dream. i just didn’t want to get too ahead of myself because it feels too good to be true sometimes. and then the thing with his friend worries me sometimes, but he cleared it up. i just have to get used to it.

  12. If he’s the one, then there is no rush … right? :)

  13. this is pretty true. i guess like someone here said, everyone is different, i just wish it was a case like how some others are saying they knew right away

  14. I wouldn’t judge your experience by what others have experienced … people and situations are different. Some people “know” two dates in, others “know” two years later. I wouldn’t get hung up on the “when” part. I would just enjoy the present, be honest with yourself about how you feel, and go with the flow of the relationship … you may not have a lightbulb “aha” moment, or you may! The point is: Take your time. Soak it in. And you’ll know if you know when and if you’re supposed to. Remember: Everyone has their own pace! Some people become parents are 21, others at 38. Some people become CEOs at 54, others at 24. Some people get married at 29 … others at 92!! Trust yourself. Soak in the moments. You’ll find out one way or another when it’s time. Best of luck! You got this! :)

  15. You nearly killed someone over a $5 purchase …. shut the fuck up

  16. Does he have OCD or perhaps Tourette’s? I get intrusive thoughts with my OCD. Maybe he gets them verbally?

  17. Set aside X money for each of you every month … after all of the bills are paid and investments made, this should be your “fun” money … you both can buy 400 hamburgers if you want, doesn’t matter … it’s your fun money and the bills and savings are done

  18. Hasn’t this no-talent ass clown killed enough people already? Rot in a hole far, far away sir

  19. Part of the rent money? Holy selfishness, Batman! What a completely unfair thing to do … make YOU feel bad for something you don’t want to do.

  20. What if he felt the same and didn’t want to pay rent because he felt it was his?

  21. He’s selfish. There’s your answer. You deserve better.

  22. My solution: He’s an asshole who’s taking you for granted. Doesn’t want you to go to therapy? Wow. Makes me wonder if he wants you to continue to be in a state of need, so he can take advantage of you. Never ever apologize for getting help!

  23. Holy shit, what an asshole. No one. NO ONE. Ever deserves to be treated like this. You’re worth more. You deserve more.

  24. I do! She’s one of my best friends and I’m very thankful to have her in my life. Anyone who finds that weird, IMO, needs to be loved more.

  25. This isn't close. The only reason you'd take JJ over Taylor right now is that he's got 3-5 extra years of being great. If we get one of them forever at their current production, you take the RB 100 times out of 100.

  26. But RBs don’t last long and WRs do, for the most part, right?

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