1. Yes! Came here to say this. I was obsessed with this beautiful show.

  2. Check out the kits at SoPo Seafood, I’ve ordered them as gifts and they are great

  3. I keep buying fruit baskets spiral cut from a single piece of wood. They don't sell. I just like them and can't stop buying cool ornate ones or vintage ones. I guess I collect them. Sigh.

  4. Did anyone else think this was on some guy wearing khakis butt?

  5. Anyone else think that was a chunky butt and thighs in khakis?

  6. Easy Off oven cleaner is your friend here. It did wonders for my Wagner.

  7. Cool deal. Some tips: completely soak it in the stuff, wrap it up in a trash bag and stick it somewhere relatively warm and forget about it for a couple of days. Pull it back out and rinse it off. Repeat until it's mostly gone. You can then use a steel wool scrubbie on the rest. If it rusts just soak it in vinegar for an hour or two and steel wool it. Season and cook afterwards!

  8. Welp that ain't a Lodge. Don't ya find the older brands have a better balance. I usually know if its an older pan as soon as i pick it up cause of the balance…and then interior smoothness.

  9. Me too- I was not expecting this awesome pan when I saw it on the shelf, then I picked it up!🤩

  10. I'm simply saying Dorito's version of motherhood isn't like a lot of the world.

  11. No you are shaming the mom in the above comment. Nothing about Dorit’s lifestyle choices in that comment.

  12. Yawn. Critiquing women on whether they scrub their own toilets or hire childcare as a reflection of their mothering is boring. It’s as old and tired as the Cult of True Womanhood from the 19th century.

  13. Seagulls are protected birds under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. It’s illegal to harm, kill, capture, trade, sell, or transport them, even their nests or eggs in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, or Russia. The purpose of this act is to protect birds from extinction.

  14. So are there exceptions to this law? The CITY carted off three baby seagulls and cleaned off their nest from a roof outside our window a couple years ago. It was actually really sad to see the parents hang around looking for them for weeks.

  15. That's a hi-fi! And a cool looking one. Victrolas have a hand crank. Are you going back for it? It is pretty awesome. Edited to say now I see the Victrola sticker so I guess you are right, it certainly is a Victrola!

  16. Yeah I wasn’t sure about calling it a Victrola! I don’t have the space for it and I’m sure it’s long gone anyway.

  17. Other than spending too much time around Portland st and Pearl st, it is a really safe city.

  18. The turtles, they're everywhere!

  19. I’ve never heard of Bette Segal but the sweater fit perfect and gave me total 1950s/60s vibes.

  20. seems like it’s a name label from the previous owner-looks handmade!

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