1. Next week Thursday, really excited because we’ve still never met. First time.

  2. I saw that this morning when I went to run errands, and when I came back, all of it was melted- gone.

  3. Mom, can I have a Lego star destroyer? No, we have a Lego star destroyer at home.

  4. You could see the effects of a completely snapped tendon, his finger was immobilized. Crazy shit, stupid fucking kid for handing him a mag.

  5. Ulu knives are for skinning game, not chopping noodles. Chopping noodles is best done on a flat plane, with a straight-edged knife. No rocking the blade is needed.

  6. I Met my girlfriend on an Xbox game about 8 months ago today. I admitted feelings about a month and a half ago, and the relationship is going great.

  7. I already have an SO, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get attracted. When she cares about/worries for you, or laughs at your corny jokes, that’s attractive to me. Most importantly though is personality, when it aligns with you and your morals, that’s very attractive.

  8. Yeah the kid is stupid, but I was like wtf kind of place is this for kids that doesn't have padding on something like that (unless it's not one of those kids gymnasium places)

  9. Dang I did think about running out to get evidence. I live in the neighborhood down the hill from there where they sometimes perform donuts by the park. It’s been on a biweekly basis (at least when I’ve woken up). One morning while jogging, I did see IPD supervising two cars (neither new - BMW coupe and van) and they were in a coned section of a street (Bake Pkwy and Gitano) accelerating rapidly and braking. They deliberately left tire thread marks and kept repeating it as some sort of test. Did get a chance to ask but I’ll edit this to include that old post of pics I posted here.

  10. It’s the intersection between the hidden canyon entrance and lake forest drive. This is the first time (that I recall) that I’ve seen and heard a takeover to this extent. I know it’s fairly common in other parts of Irvine like Los Olivos, but it was quite odd to hear it around where I was.

  11. Gotcha. I did not hear it at all this morning. I think what I normally hear is a car or few doing donuts but not a whole takeover which I’ve seen in videos in other parts of OC/LA (especially that new downtown bridge). I am close to Los Olivos so that’s probably why.

  12. Yea, that’s probably why. I could see why Irvine center drive could be a hotspot too, it’s pretty deserted (going off of the post you sent me).

  13. Haidilao is pretty good, cleanest restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life, and the food is good. Quite expensive though.

  14. This happens all the time. There are storm drains and reservoirs intersecting many paths. Luckily it passes within hours.

  15. Could you send me the site? If you can find it

  16. No problem mate, enjoy. It should be up to date, I fooled around with it a bit in test place yesterday.

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