1. Can someone please help me understand why my HSBC American index (S&P 500) tracker has gone up by 2.28% over the past 6 months but the actual S&P 500 has gone down 14.04%.

  2. Lol absolutely not. I'm balls deep in China because it will make me money. The idea of investing is to make money and if you're getting emotions, personal feelings and politics involved you're already doing it the wrong way. Virtue is for people who are already rich and people who will always be poor.

  3. Keen to invest in china. would you be able to share your investment advise for china?

  4. I’d have a good spread of bonds, trackers and funds. If you have a long term mindset than you cant go wrong.

  5. I liquidated 25% of my ISA portfolio one week back due to the up coming market risks. how Much cash is everyone holding to take advantage of a major downturn i the markets?

  6. I have 227 RM shares, too small of a holding to worry about. I will just keep hold off it. I receive on average £50 dividend every year.

  7. Sure, although I’m no expert, been investing for about 5 years and still very much learning.

  8. any subscription market data websites that you recommend that do the leg work for you?

  9. The s&p 500 increased by approx 2% on the 10th of August but the HSBC American Index C ( it’s meant to replicate S&P 500) didn’t increased by that number, it was 0.3%. I appreciate that it may not increase exactly 2% but I was expected more than 0.3%. Any help to understand would be appreciated. Thank you

  10. Sterling rose significantly as well. Your holdings are denominated in $ but you are buying and selling them in £.

  11. Thank and a good read for those who want to understand more.

  12. Give me a single reason why the market should go down from here

  13. Because fed will increase the rates further to make 100% sure that inflation is under control and doesn’t rebound.

  14. Can anyone help me understand how dividends are reinvested?

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