1. baby paige is so cute omg!! but I agree - abby gave mackenzie better choreo than this. I don’t get why she didn’t want paige to thrive

  2. To be fair, Mackenzie was honestly pretty advanced for her age and the time. So I don’t think Paige was comparable to Mackenzie when she was Mackenzie’s age. I think Kenzie’s skill is really overlooked! She was dancing above a 6 year old level when she started the show imo. But I think that accounts for Mackenzie being given more challenging solos at that age. Paige has always been such a little cutie though and I think was capable of doing something better than this.

  3. This choreo is…. bad lol I mean 2009 was a different time in the dance world, but even by those standards, this is bad. I think she would have done better at a good studio with decent choreography for sure, though I think she was more of a rec dancer than competition dancer. But if she was going to be entered as a soloist for competitions, at least give the girl something to work with lmao. The choreo is not good at all

  4. The BBL is BBL’ing. Does anyone else think that Kylie’s BBL is probably the most well done out of her, Kim, and Khloe? Kim and Khloe’s never looked good to me. I think Kylie’s was really a bit overdone at one point as well. I’m thinking of one video of her and maybe Stassie going up a staircase? Sometime in 2020 I think? It looked overdone there for sure. But I think hers is the best done procedure over all. I know people argue that Kendall got a “skinny” BBL, but I think she has Sculptra and a very conservative boob job, not a BBL, which is why I’m only addressing Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. Same with Kourtney. I think she has fillers/Sculptra, not a full on BBL.

  5. Yeah I can’t imagine not going to bat for my brother for speaking his truth

  6. The way she made it about her… yikes. She said that she would never speak about her childhood because it’s so intimately intertwined with her siblings… okay, sure. But he clearly got the brunt of the abuse and was the only one to be sent away. He 10000% deserves to tell his side of the story after their mother tried to make him sound like he was impaired or disabled when he clearly was not. He’s not gossiping about their childhood… he was abused.

  7. It makes me sad. I hope these siblings can repair their relationships with each other.

  8. I hope so too, but Mady showing her true colors like that unfortunately doesn’t make me very hopeful

  9. I think Kim and Khloe are done. Kourtney may have another, since we know she wants one with Travis, but it may have to be via surrogacy or other means. I don’t see her adopting tbh. I think surrogacy would be the most likely last resort for her. I doubt Rob will have another one. Kylie I could see maybe having more kids in the future with another partner because she’s so young. However, I feel like she has one of each and would also very likely just leave it at that.

  10. KKW fragrances were so good. I had 2 full sized ones and lots of samples. They all smelled really good and wore well through the day. I had a Kylie lipkit or two back in their heyday, so like 2016. They were okay. Dry, but they were matte liquid lipsticks so that’s just how all of them were lol

  11. 4th pic… There is not a single feature on Kylie’s face that has been left untouched.

  12. She was pretty, too. Both her and Kendall were pretty. They got shoved into the lime light way too young. It’s just sad

  13. Lots of stuff people have already mentioned, such as the refusal to cut the ponytail, refusal to remove socks during yoga because her toes were done, finding female shoes that didn’t belong to anyone else, etc. Apart from that, there are more than a couple of moments that aged really ironically, like Caitlyn’s insistence on not getting Reggie’s dog neutered. She was ADAMANT about it and got oddly emotional/defensive about it, even though it’s a perfectly normal thing to do and it wasn’t even her dog. In hindsight, as silly as it seemed, I think Caitlyn was really struggling with her gender identity to the point that it trickled down into even inconsequential areas of life.

  14. yes! combo normal/oily skin 🙋🏻‍♀️ and i love it. haven’t had one breakout after 2 weeks of use and i’m glowing to the point where i don’t feel the need to even spot conceal on a daily basis which is basically unheard of for me. i like to keep my routine simple and use the same acids/serums in weekly rotation so i just added vanicream without changing anything else and i had no issues. also using it as a body cream and it just makes my skin look so healthy and supple. it’s so cheap and simple i’m almost mad i didn’t discover it sooner!!

  15. Jon wasn’t very helpful here but Jesus. She’d rather go to foster care than back with Kate. Must be bad.

  16. He couldn’t be. He was likely following instructions from his attorney, who would have advised him to not physically step in.

  17. Right. But encouraging her to fight it? It just seems like the entire situation was very much elevated.

  18. The option was encourage Hannah to stand her ground, or let Kate man handle her and take her against her will. The situation should have never happened, but Hannah fighting it by resisting and refusing to let Kate take her was the only way anything would change, unfortunately. The fact that she was so distressed is telling.

  19. Usually puberty. Your body changes a lot— you lose flexibility, limberness, etc. Sometimes these changes are big enough to effectively end your dance career. I didn’t stop dancing until I was 17, but I had a friend who’s growth spurt pretty much killed her ballet career. She shot up to about 5’9 and lost a lot of flexibility. There’s tall ballerinas out there, but typically, their average height is around 5’4-5’5. Her teachers pretty much told her she was done in ballet, at least in respect to going professional. It sounds crazy, but dancers have such a short “shelf life” that peaking early is just inevitable. Apart from that, burn out and injuries are a common reason. Toxic environments, too.

  20. Yeah, I've always wondered why it was only Hannah. I was hopeful that if one left, it would persuade the others to follow. My only conclusion is that they preferred their big mansion and friends over living with their estranged dad in what I imagine were much "worse" (financially poorer) circumstances.

  21. There’s a transcript of Hannah, Jon, and Kate’s fight back in 2016 over Hannah’s refusal to go home with Kate after a visitation with Jon. It’s disturbing to read. The way Kate was clearly manipulating Hannah and refusing to listen to her is probably a huge indication of what living with Kate was/is like. She was doing her best to emotionally manipulate Hannah, and Hannah was having none of it.

  22. I this this rumor of her intentionally getting pregnant with sextuplets is a little silly. She admitted that she was aware they could have twins or triplets but didn’t think sextuplets would happen. That is believable to me.

  23. The McCaugheys were actually quite famous in 1997. They received a lot of attention BECAUSE reality television and exposure to multiples wasn’t really a thing back then. I think she was going for another set of multiples, though I can’t say she wanted sextuplets and was aiming for that. I do think it’s obvious that she took inspiration from the McCaugheys considering she named her oldest girl Alexis, just as they did, and named her youngest Joel, again just as they did. Just too weird to be a coincidence lol. I think that regardless, once she was pregnant with the sextuplets, she assumed the donations and freebies would come rolling in as they did with the McCaughey septuplets.

  24. I personally think she might have shot for 2 sets of multiples on purpose. I don’t know if she was shooting for 6, though. But I think she figured that Jon’s father would continue to help support them (he supported them heavily financially while still alive, apparently) and that the community would step in the way they did for the McCaugheys. The McCaugheys received a new van, free college tuition, a lifetime supply of children’s clothing from popular stores, lifetime supply of diapers, etc…. I think she assumed that would happen for them too. She ended up being right, of course.

  25. When I first started watching the show I thought Alexis and Leah looked so much alike. I remember it took me forever to be able to tell them apart

  26. I never thought they looked that alike! It’s funny though, because I realized each boy sextuplet had a girl sextuplet “twin.” Alexis and Aaden, Hannah and Collin, and Leah and Joel. Each pair looked like one another to me

  27. Am I the only one who doesn’t think they look like Jon that much? I just don’t see it. Do they all look more Asian than white? Yes. So they actually favor Jon? I saw it a bit with Joel and maybe now Leah but otherwise I don’t see it at all.

  28. I think Collin and Joel look a lot like Jon. The girls I don’t see it as much. Everyone says Hannah looks just like Kate and I do not see it AT ALL. I always thought Leah looked a lot like Kate. They have the same face structure. I think people pointed it out in a tiktok Mady posted as well. Cara and Alexis look a lot alike to me, as well. Leah and Mady also look quite alike now.

  29. I’ve watched all of these haha. Except Disney and maybe Oprah. Even the potty training ones can be bought on Amazon Prime Video. I just rewatched all of these.

  30. All these episodes (sans the Disney episode and the hour specials) are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video

  31. I could have sworn Mady went to NYC while Cara stayed in Pennsylvania somewhere. I could be totally swinging and missing at that though.

  32. Yes!! You are so right! I notice that while Hannah seems to be extroverted and seems to have a sense of the world on Instagram, the ones who are still with Kate seem to be sheltered. Look at Mady’s TikTok, it’s very clear to me that’s how it is with Alexis and Leah. I don’t know though, I could be wrong. Either way, like you said, all four of them need to move out of Kate’s house and figure out who they are on their own.

  33. I totally agree. Hannah and Collin seem to be very normal kids. Hannah in particular seems like a social butterfly, into more typical teenage stuff, etc. Leah and Alexis seem muuuuch more sheltered in comparison. You can tell Hannah is definitely a popular girl who does lots of stuff with friends and family.

  34. Lmao maybe if it was a normal sister relationship, but Kim gives me “your bf/husband thinks I’m hot and I love it” vibes 🫣 I know way too many women who get off on that, and Kim has alwayssss seemed that way to me, even when I watched KUWTK’s early seasons when I was younger. I just always picked up on that vibe from her.

  35. Dude her and Tristan flirt so hard???

  36. It’s bizarre, especially given everything that’s gone down with Tristan. Just abnormal behavior all around lol

  37. I do in a lot of ways. I feel like she never had a shot with her family. Even if they hadn’t gotten so famous, or even famous at all, Khloe was othered from the day she was born. She was born to a mother who was always going to value her sisters more because they happened to be very beautiful. Khloe was just a normal looking girl, which would be totally fine if her family was any other family. But because she was born into that family, she was always going to be the black sheep. It’s sad. I see that, so their unrealistic beauty standards don’t bother me. It’s all a front and I see where the sickness stems from and feel pity for them.

  38. I know these are 100000% paid pap pics, which are definitely retouched, but damn they look good

  39. Me, realizing I am severely past due for my waxing appointment (read: maybe 2 weeks, if that)

  40. Kelly has always mentioned having a good relationship with her mom. Abby made comments about Kelly’s mom and things she would do while Kelly was at dance class, which were likely untrue anyways since most of Abby’s insults towards everyone are lies or half truths. It sounds like Kelly’s home life was a bit messy when it came to her parents because they divorced when Kelly was young. Kelly’s dad allegedly always had a new, much younger girlfriend, which Abby also talked shit about at one point.

  41. I always forget how tiny Kim is stature wise lmao the people in this picture don’t even look that tall and she still looks so short

  42. I'd totally forgotten about this but I think she made that around the time Paris did her "Stars are Blind" single. At the time, I remember thinking she was just copying Paris.

  43. Stars Are Blind was released in 2006! Jam was released in 2011, so wayyy after. I never connected it to Paris’ song because of the 5 year gap between the release. I always understood it to be a charity song lol I never thought she was seriously trying to get into music because she was notoriously uncomfortable/had no interest in singing or dancing

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