1. Who’s to say they could have made a suit that was cooling enough? And it would have to be internal over external because external protection means jack squat when he’s literally cauterizing the inside of his body..

  2. Exactly, maybe a suit that is injecting him with idk saline, because that’s cold, or maybe nitrogen of some sorts

  3. I think that might work but how would he carry that large of an amount with him:/

  4. I know. I used to cherry pick before they started the program but now it does matter in my market. I have a buddy who also does DD but never got orders because he was below 55%. Most dashers in my market have 96%+ AR

  5. How can you call him a bitch?? After getting beat up by some giant monster who’s a leader of the gang he still got back and stood up for yuzaha after she got hit while her own brother stood there in silence being scared. Also got back up to take another hit so hina doesn’t get hit. Let’s not forget last season where even after getting stabbed he still fought a guy that bullied him and gave him trauma and won. He got in front of a blood lusted mikey that he knew was about to kill someone, even draken just stood there in shock. You can say he’s weak and he doesn’t know how to fight and all that but to call him a bitch is crazy. I’ve read the manga so I’ve seen more than you but still, he’s honestly the bravest character in the show.

  6. All that is after being a bitch 99% of the time, if I punch 30 people and decide not to punch a 31st doesn’t make me suddenly a good person

  7. Explain how he’s a bitch 99% of the time. As I said I’m manga reader so I already know that he’s like the bravest character but just out of interest I want know why you as an anime only view him as bitch when he’s shown multiple times that he ain’t. I feel like you just see him get beat up and think that’s him being a bitch. Not being able to fight doesn’t make you a bitch, the fact that he’s in a fight with these crazy dudes makes him not a bitch

  8. You’re right, not being able to fight doesn’t make you a bitch, but not even attempting to throw a punch does

  9. I’m just not feeling season 2. For different reasons, but BON not telling fushi he can resurrect his friends is literally pissing my off

  10. I actually just rewatched this episode. At this point Franklin is ordering this stuff, but still seems taken back by some of the violence and brutality

  11. Inconsistently worked out to be honest. I try and go to the gym a couple times a week but it really fluctuated. When I did go I’d run or walk mostly, and do some lifting but nothing wild.

  12. You need experience the sport of bowling in its entirety to start learning. You must learn when to make ball changes. (Little tip, build an arsenal based on ball reaction, not cover, and core variations. (I can provide a video if you would like me to that explains that topic in detail.)) Also, you must compete in tournaments that have sport and competition patterns and talk to people who know what they're talking about explain it with you. I have a lot of other tips as a college bowler. I've been doing this since 2008, so if you have any questions, please ask away. I'd be happy to help😁.

  13. I would say go get a hustle from your local pro shop if you plan on bowling often and taking it seriously.

  14. Pitches are important no matter what. If you felt your fingers were coming out earlier or smoother, there may be reverse pitching on his fingerholes.

  15. To add on to what's here already, they usually label them entry, intermediate, pro level etc. to make it easier for getting a quick idea what the ball was made for. Spending over 200 bucks for a top of the line sanded solid ball for a beginner bowler would be a waste of money and give the bowler a bad reaction. Top level balls are typically made for a specific function and designed with the idea that the bowler is going to be able to hit their mark quite consistently. Beginner balls as designed with the idea that the bowler is new and will not be hitting their target or even the right target very often. These balls are designed with more of a well-rounded experience (not punishing you as much for a bad shot). A similar idea would be giving a new driver something like a Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla. Typically you wouldn't recommend an Escalade or Ferrari for a first time driver.

  16. 'weak' and 'strong' are adjectives about the potential possible amount of hook a ball can create.

  17. be careful that the cats dont attack your snakes. Cats fucking attack any other living things as toys

  18. My snakes have their own bedroom, the cats can’t get to them unless I accidentally leave the door open, which I haven’t

  19. Look into aegosexuality.

  20. Honestly, a second kitten...of a similar age...would probably take care of most of this. Kittens and cats tend to get in less trouble when they aren't singletons. They can keep each other occupied...and just plain old time (and timely spay/neuter) will take care of a lot of the rest of it.

  21. She has a sister half her age, but they’ve been together a couple months and get along

  22. While Ayaspace can be controlled with an external controller, bringing it up is not as straightforward.

  23. I believe you would still have to select the designated button on the device itself unless there’s a way to alter the shortcut and you can change it to a keyboard combination, i dont know how to do this hopefully someone else can help you with that but I would stick to the designated button on the device itself.

  24. Drop the aunt. If she cared about your safety and well being she would have never pushed you to take your mother in. She did that because she cared more about your mother than you.

  25. I definitely agree, I am pressing charges, and advocating that she gets out in a mental hospital, but after that I’m done

  26. I have the EXACT same problem dude . The aya neo 2 is leagues better than the air pro but the form factor of the air pro is something im just so torn between because i want an actually portable handheld device . I get the 2 technically is but i want something small i can carry around and even put in my pocket if need be and be able to play my fav games on which are most triple A titles …. From my understanding the air pro struggles very badly with most triple A’s and the neo 2 handles them easily but i just cant give up on the size . I think what im gonna do is just get the cheapest steam deck and bare with that for a while until the aya neo slide comes out which is around the same size as the aya neo air and just has a 6800U chipset and lots of power . Thats my best bet because i cant just buckledown and choose cause i really think the whole time im gonna be in my head with those “what if” thoughts . Im gonna suggest you do the same bro just take the hit for a little while longer until the slide is announced , it was listed on aya neo’s upcoming hardware projections as coming out after the aya neo 2 in late 2022 so im guessing its bumped up to early 2023

  27. If they stoped releasing a handheld ever 2 months then maybe it would be an easier choice

  28. 100% agree …. You can never really be at ease with your choice when it comes to aya neo because you legitimately dont know if a better product or product that caters even more to what you like is coming out within the next 3 months . Its actually kind of absurd . But im not willing to risk it from everything i know about the slide it seems to be almost exactly along the lines of what i dream for in a handheld and its literally got a keyboard on it with an amazing looking screen you can slide up to access the keyboard . Im gonna have a blast with that thing . But i cant give a rest just yet because apparently theres an aya neo flip also supposed to be coming out after it LMFAOOOO i shit you not 😂😂😂

  29. I can't believe she hasn't been washed out yet. Tim, Lopez or Nylah would never have stood for her almost running a red light or falling asleep on the job. Just imagine if that had been Nylah questioning that girl at the bank and that had been boot Aaron dozing or even Tim and Lucy. Aaron would have been out on his as$ by the end of shift, Lucy would have, at least, gotten a write up.

  30. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ayaneo-2-completely-different-amd-6800u-handheld#/

  31. I see, it looks like the price will go up after the first 4,000 people buy one. My thing is, if I’ll spend $950 why not spend $1000 and if I’ll spend that why not 11, 12, 13 hundred

  32. You can easily get caught in a cycle of "For 50 dollars more....A few months more..." :)

  33. I understand, I think I’ll do that. But they’re releasing something new every couple months, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time I saved the money the geek 2 was coming out😂

  34. Idk man I just don't think it's the time for your narrow taste in games lol.

  35. I could force myself to play all the games in the world, doesn’t mean I’d enjoy them

  36. Thank you for seeing it exactly how I meant it. And I actually had a ps4, ps5, Xbox series s, and two switches in the last two years. Non of them were right for me. I love handheld because I’m the most casual of casual type of gamer and I love handhelds let me be that. The switch was just too underpowered and didn’t have all the gaming options I wanted like ps or Xbox exclusives. That’s why I said the deck would be perfect for me if only they had those few games, I would be ordering one in a heartbeat. I just don’t want to have to sit and stare at a tv or monitor to play the games I want, and that’s why I want.

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