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  1. Good gawd, just envisioned falling anus first on a machete shaped piece of broken porcelain. Change it now!

  2. Wow that visual did it for me. I’d be caution taping it and driving to Menards

  3. No idea. I was a little tipsy when I posted and thought it was funny.

  4. I’m sorry, you cannot complain about lack of depth and then play your full team against championship opponents at home in a competition that’s not even that important

  5. Amad playing today and looking lively vs Fulham. Great acceleration and dribbling but he 100% can do better with his end product at times.

  6. That sequence a moment ago was impressive he’s really calm on the ball

  7. This could be rough. These guys really will need to step it up.

  8. I really didn’t realize he had passion like this. Champion mentality. On the field he seems so Zen. Seems like his talk worked! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I’m doing the imax at AMC at the legends outlet

  10. fyi, at the legends the standard theaters there have the best seats. big recliners. in my opinion much better than the imax theaters.

  11. Second for John he knows how to manage these sorts of things

  12. Umm I might just fly to SLC for this. Is it crazy packed there?

  13. Second third or whatever. Ardbeg always drinks well.

  14. If you get their early there is free spots on street in west hills

  15. If you’re searching on Amazon it’s listed as Ahhsome. Always worth doing it if you drain the tub

  16. Great tub, still own (8 years no issues) but moved to my father in laws summer place. Bought a house that had a master spa….. and can only say i miss my bullfrog….. alot

  17. 🌾🌾🌾 ROCK FUCKIN CHALK 🌾🌾🌾

  18. I think we all agree we can have a lot more patience for the team when they look and act like they give a fuck.

  19. We don’t need premier league friends. One place i agree with Roy Keane. These moments make them think about their next touch

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