FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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  1. This is the same kind of chatter that law enforcement was hearing preceding January 6th.

  2. The hunfreds of billions of dollars spent on the Patriot Act was supposed to inform and prevent exactly this type of attack on the government. Lots of good that all did if the ones in charge of the government want to instantiate an autocracy.

  3. We really need to get as many Republicans out of their secretary of state seats as possible. They're going to control elections if we don't.

  4. SCOTUS will hear this case next term, it should scare the shit out of every American:

  5. In simulations, if I understood the abstract correctly.

  6. Actually, they got what is now New York, New Jersey And a lot of Pennsylvania. New York was named in honor of James II, who was The Duke Of York. New Jersey was named in honor of The Jersey Island, where King Charles II was in exile during The English Civil War/Cromwell years and Pennsylvania was named in honor of William Penn. Technically, The Dutch traded with The English, not The British, because Great Britain was not formed yet.

  7. The NYC flag colors (blue, white, orange) are from the original Dutch flag.

  8. Schumer is my Senator and I've been questioning whether or not I'd vote for him again, not because of his politics but due to his lack of effectiveness. Seems he's stepping up lately.

  9. He's in a tough position with the 50-50 split but I'd say he's handled it pretty well.

  10. Cravenly evil people like McConnell seem to be better at maneuvering these types of situations and leveraging it to their own advantage. I suppose that's Schumer's "fatal flaw", lol. Not that the guy's a saint himself.

  11. Every accusation is a confession with the right.

  12. Sounds like a closeted gay minister is struggling with his urges as he believes a drug addict would.

  13. If Ukraine goes the wrong way, inflation and homelessness will be the least of problems. But sure, go ahead and you be you.

  14. A positive turning point would only happen if facts mattered.

  15. Totally agree with you. Also I'm familiar with the area of NYC where this image was probably drawing inspiration from, and hundreds of people lock their bikes up in a similar way or even more haphazardly every day during the summer and those bikes are not stolen. It's a remote beach.

  16. I probably know it too, and lots of New York hate in this thread. People stick to their prejudices regardless of the facts.

  17. AND...this is what they mean by "patriot". The Nazis were patriotic to themselves, not to Germany. They tore through their own country killing anyone who didn't conform to their "rules" and left Germany as a pile of smoldering rubble.

  18. Thanks for reminding me to completely block my roomba from the internet.

  19. "To ensure the best user experience, we've temporarily disabled your Roomba device until an Internet connection can be established. " Roomba terms of service, probably.

  20. How extreme the GOP has fallen to call a member of the Cheney family a rino.

  21. This is just one of the things that fundamentally changed once the former guy got into office. Stupid people used to know enough to keep quiet but the dams broke once their president began spewing the same, ignorant idiocy.

  22. Not a word in this article about the 10 year promise for fossil fuel companies to enshrine their drilling rights on public land

  23. "Manufacturing consent" is a euphemism for using propaganda to mislead people into supporting something. Its a negative thing.

  24. Compared to the alternatives, it's a bargain.

  25. Yep, this guy 80s. The neon, day-glo Miami Vice aesthetic was definitely a style, but this looks like the everyday 80s.

  26. This is why I'm so confused when conservatives tell me the FBI went woke and is trying to frame conservatives for J6.

  27. Definitely need to support Russia in preventing this horrible American from importing nearly a half gram of that horrible drug.

  28. Start working with New Yorkers. We got your ass covered.

  29. Depends on the industry. Stocks and garmentos, for sure. Tech or advertising, not so much.

  30. One thing I've learned after going to the movie theater is that there can never be too much oil in popcorn.

  31. They used chicken fat to make the popcorn at a movie theater my roommate worked. He said is was really good.

  32. Yet the NSA didn't immediately know about texts from federal employees on government phones during a coup and violent insurrection. Funny that.

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