1. That film is considered hit because it earned more than its budget.

  2. It's definitely one of the most defining part. A movie has to do twice the business of the budget to break even theatrically. If budget is 20 cr and movie earned 60 cr. It's a hit. If budget is 50 cr and movie earned only 80 cr, it's a flop. This is the reason why gangubai was a flop theatrically and it doesn't matter that it earned 200 cr because the budget itself was about 170-180 cr. Big stars charges huge amount which completely disturb the film economics and left very little for film's quality. These movies are flopping left right and centre and now producers will not dare to pay huge amount to big stars. Their money charging leverage is going down day by day. Producers might go with b list actor like Karthik, rajkumar and ayushman who charges less for their upcoming bif budget film.

  3. Depends. It does not seem as action focused as KGF, Baahubali or RRR. Without action it is unlikely to connect to hindi audience.

  4. Right now srk needs saving after HMS and ZERO disasters.

  5. Boycott campaign alone is not responsible for the flops. BW movies nowadays are either relying on remakes or basic scripts with lots of promotion. Only few films are experimental and unique.

  6. 1 Hit film and you the next superstar , 1 flop film and you should retire. The courtesy of this sub, sometimes ppl think failure aren't part of life and a person will always keep succeeding

  7. PK was the highest grossing Indian film when it released and the film worked because it was a grassroot film and had everything.

  8. Bhai golden phase bola hai. I think you need to research cause 2000s mein he had 4 clean hits out of 30 films. Voh golden phase hai?😂

  9. In 90s salman was bigger than srk be it box office or pop culture. 2000s was like a rough phase just like srk in 2010s . And still salman managed to be in top 3 and contribute to pop culture with films like tere naam

  10. 90s mein SRK was No.1 you have to admit it. SRK har jaga chayya tha. 2000s mein he was in no way too 3. Top 5 would be more suitable

  11. At least the best part of this sub is they are not banning people from calling out something as propaganda(on every such post there is someone like u who is able to point out the propaganda stuff), try something like this on the other sub and see for urself.

  12. Remember srk saying we have being a little intolerant and these mfs proved him right by protesting and cancelling the shows of his movie

  13. And he was shown as a very generous great hearted guy. Wtf has happened to this country. And I am a right winger surprisingly

  14. Honestly same, they've really ruined his name but I don't think Sushant's cult is part of right wing. They're just a different breed altogether.

  15. Something's need to be done asap , tollywood didn't had a clean hit for months so they stopped shooting, asked actors to lowers their fees and now bimbasa came and working really well

  16. Sudhar jao bsdwalo. Even aamir film is underperforming. Salman is the only superstar left and no one knows Whether KEDK will be hit or flop. Sudhro chutio

  17. You have to genuinely make good content to continue being a director. So if he is talentless, he'll get kicked out eventually. Unlike acting where extreme PR and connection can ensure your relevancy.

  18. Even if he knew about it how would it be ditching.. he wasn't interested in her so it's fair for him to leave it and focus on his dream

  19. That is exactly what I'm saying. It's not problematic.

  20. Big budget blockbusters almost always end up with > 8.5 for some reason no matter how generic and cliche they are.

  21. Not true for bollywood films, tzh, war, bang bang. If kgf is almost 8.5 then these films deserves 7-7.4 just to level up the action genre in India

  22. Salman khan , not fav but like to watch him on screen , when he'll be in jail i don't care i have other things to do but as soon as he making those movies i want to watch i don't give a shit about his personal life .

  23. I read sohail and was searching for him in the pics ☠️☠️

  24. Rb getting mixed reviews as well , fan k tweet ko positive WOM kon bolta hai???

  25. i mean Bajrangi was not a formulaic bhai movie but at the end of the day it was still a massy movie, a very good one. It had everything in it, action, comedy, drama, romance ,adventure, emotions. It was not a Dangal or Fan or Tubelight.

  26. Bajrangi bhaijaan is one of the best indian film ever made so i think it's unfair to compare it . these kind of films come rarely so we should exclude bajranngi while comparing it to srk films in 2010s

  27. i dont think I am comparing any movies. I am just saying BB still was a massy movie. It has its massy moments, massy action scenes, massy dialogues and even Salman's entry is so massy in the Selfie le le re song.

  28. it's 11:30 right now , RB ka festival hai to morning occupancy kam hi honi thi , let's see if the afternoon numbers are encouraging . hope both films do well

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