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  1. The little sign right next to the cup. They charge 1$ per cup for cheap generic coffee

  2. Der große Vorteil am Bogen ist natürlich, dass man ihn (mit entsprechenden Erschwernissen) vom Besen aus einsetzen kann. Noch einen “Hexengalle” auf den Pfeil applizieren und schon hast du einen extrem hilfreichen Fernkämpfer. Ist natürlich nicht so besonders unauffällig, aber da ist die Frage ob die Gefährten wissen sollen, dass man eine Hexe ist oder eben nicht. Wieso sollen nicht zwei Chars in einer Gruppe einen Bogen haben können? Bei zwei Nahkämpfern murrt ja auch niemand.

  3. Aus der Luft jemanden mit den Bogen angreifen hätte natürlich was. Zaubern ist von da oben ja eh beinahe unmöglich. Ich behalts auf jeden Fall als Idee im Kopf, danke :)

  4. Die Runde hat als Einzelkampagne angefangen, also hängt der Rest der Gruppe jetzt irgendwie am ersten Spieler dran. Zwei sind seine Halbgeschwister, einer ist sein bester Kindheitsfreund und ein anderer ist ein Kumpel aus seiner Zeit als Söldner.

  5. I’m a dude, but every single time I’ve ever run into a girl I’m any game with a voice chat they were met with complete kindness by every single person. Nobody cares if someone’s a girl, if anything they treat you better for it.

  6. It has gotten a lot better, yes, but the "OmG i'tS a GiRl" crowd is definitely still there. Some games/communitys are also more toxic than others.

  7. I had a pair build a nest in one of my backyard apple trees last year. I loved watching them and their babies as they grew up. I would always throw them worms when I was working in my garden, and now whenever I go out there they always fly over and sit on my roof for more snacks.

  8. I'd like to feed them a few snacks too but don't know how I would go about it. Can't really put anything under/near the tree since it's not on my property.

  9. So if you don't support the army you should be shot by them? Do I understand that right? the fuck?!

  10. I think they mean that if you don't support the army, you should be a human shield for the army.

  11. Not an expert but it may be "angel wings"? It's what can happen when ducklings don't get the proper nutrition while growing up. Their wings don't develop properly.

  12. The leg after getting up. He avoids load. But people obviously love seeing animals in pain…

  13. Heard a lot of hate about it, but I remember loving tearing into monsters from any direction with DB.

  14. The idea is neat but it always felt too sluggish for me. Slowed down combat a lot

  15. Don't think so unfortunately, which is why they make these photos with specifically attractive woman.

  16. These women are heroes. This has happened to a lot of women in Iran in the last year. A lot. Nobody owes you proof of anything.

  17. I think what he meant to say is: it is unclear if these woman specifically were injured like that or if this is just a photoshoot with two beautiful woman who may or may not have been injured to shine more light on the issue. Which wouldn't be a negative thing mind you. It is a very important issue and people tend to pay more attention to pretty faces.

  18. No. The covers are meant to prevent a mess from the food splattering, if you reheat soup for example.

  19. Totally. I've struggled on my first playthrough while I was testing a few things out and then (mostly) breezed through tactician with lone wolf mages.

  20. Right?? I want ro be roommates with Abigail, but not romantically. xD

  21. I believe there is are mods for platonic partners on nexus. Can't vouch for any of them though since I haven't tried them myself

  22. And it's not like you're forced to start a gay relationship.

  23. For some people acknowledging the mere existence of gay (or queer in general) people is already "pushing an agenda". It's honestly sad. Imagine having so much hatred in your heart that you can't even enjoy a simple and cute game like SV without stressing about some made up agenda

  24. My 8th grade boys are going to be devastated. 🤦‍♂️

  25. Honest if likely a bit ignorant question. What is the principal going to do about the boys talking about a celebrity, even though this one is absolute scum?

  26. Divinity original sin 2 (no you don't need to play the first one, they are mostly unrelated). It's an amazing turn based rpg

  27. Not just amazing, I'd consider it one of the best RPGs ever made.

  28. Agreed. One of the few rpgs I can think of where your choices really do matter and that gives you enough options in dialouges that you can actually roleplay in this roleplaying game.

  29. You can protest without being an idiot or cause disruption.

  30. The thing is...they did that. Activists protested without causing disruption for a long time but many people don't give a shit as long as they are not inconvenienced. So now they are trying to force those people to give a shit.

  31. Here in Germany we aren't big on that type of pie in general. Most pumpkin cakes I saw were a type of bundt cake. I know that the one time I wanted to make pumpkin pie I had to specify it as american to get the right recipe.

  32. Ok cool. We’re 2 sessions in and I didn’t know about that. The tremere took I think 3 in domain so They also have a nice apartment in addition to a spot in the chantry lol

  33. That's fine. Even if it is not 100% in canon or whatever, it doesn't have to be. It's your game.

  34. I'd say at first very little until they prove their worth. Tremere are really stingy with their knowledge but they'll also want to grow their strength in the long run. So your player should prove that they are useful to the clan before getting more access.

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