1. For very high magnetic field strength MRIs used in research the protocol is to walk the patient in slowly to prevent induced current in nerves. Not an issue for standard clinical MRIs or even most research MRIs, but it can become an issue.

  2. I said that already. We should switch because the world uses metric, and international agreement begs imperial to metric. However, the reason we have the imperial system was because it was originally "invented" to be easy to imagine by pretty much anyone.

  3. I use metric for estimations. I've worked with it all my life, so it's as easy to estimate in metric for me as it is to estimate in imperial for you. I wouldn't be able to estimate anything even remotely accurately in imperial. I'd estimate it in metric, then convert it to imperial.

  4. Usually I never downvote people because once I made a mistake and even apologized for it and my comment got downvoted so hard I actually felt bad ahah Btw it was clearly a joke

  5. I also thought it was clearly a joke, but apparently it's not obvious to some other people.

  6. Chetak was the name of the horse ridden by a legendary Indian warrior. Kinda like Bucephalus.

  7. I fixed the link mere seconds after posting my comment.

  8. So you're fine with disenfranchising the gays, women, blacks, and everyone else just to stick it to the Muzzies? Btw please share the child rape source. As it is you've literally referred to four or five people every single person would agree should get fucked

  9. See if they actually offered a reasonable amount you'd just sit back and be happy but cuz they r absolute assholes that offered 3K.. 3K!!!! You want to take all they've got. They messed up quite freakin bad and that's their compensation?!!! Who tf decided this! Wish this would blow up on social media or smth, save the guy legals fees and ruin their rep. What's messed up is they probably did it cuz they could get away with it and that's that. Sad truth of the world we live.

  10. Worst one was a landlord who lived across the street. He just walked into the badroom while my friend was taking a shower and told him: "don't worry, I have sons, nothing new for me"

  11. I'm curious to know what he came in for in the first place. Story time?

  12. Why not a full blown sequel as well? Kind of strange some of these franchises stopped all of a sudden.

  13. I think these franchises are so memorable because they didn't get a sequel at a certain point.

  14. Still want a true remake of ratchet and clank 2 and 3. Not a weird re do like the first one

  15. I just checked that sub and it looks more like a bug report thread

  16. That bubble was limited to a small geographic region.

  17. Many people also don't seem to share what has been proven or discovered, but rather what reflects their personal opinions or feelings.

  18. “Earth? No way man, we don’t fuck with Earth. You know those things breathe OXYGEN!?!”

  19. Mind if I ask your age and location? Maybe give estimates to prevent doxxing.

  20. If multiple sources claim the same thing i think it should be good

  21. Sharing too much of the ruskies secrets. Gulag for you.

  22. Don't jump my ass for asking this question....I'm a medic and I have been playing around with frequency and IV fluids. Does anyone know if someone else has done this? Or where can I go to ask some questions.

  23. To be compelled to comment on Reddit but never receive upvotes or awards.

  24. Every joke or low effort post will receive upvotes, but every fleshed out, informative comment (including sources, math and reasoning) gets downvoted and ridiculed by people who are clearly misinformed about the subject.

  25. Lol I wonder what his toes will look like after a few years

  26. Me and my girlfriend actually recently got into this together, it's been pretty fun! Now she always texts me asking me if I want to farm lol

  27. So do unions. What’s your point?

  28. Unions (should) lobby towards better work conditions to increase wellbeing and/or welfare. Corporations lobby for more money, be it through lower taxation, lower cost of hiring or less regulation.

  29. A corporation making more money doesn’t automatically mean that your well-being is made worse

  30. Ofcourse not. That's a different subject, though, I think. I think the emphasis here is on lobbying.

  31. People complain about other stores all the time. EA, Ubisoft, even Steam all get complaints. You're the one defending one specific company from a criticism.

  32. Nah, I use multiple launchers. It's inconvenient, but it's not really a big issue.

  33. The problem with DRM-free games on Steam is that there simply isn't any indication on the store if a game is DRM-free or not, you have to buy it blindly and then try to run it without Steam. There are some lists in various wikis, but they are woefully incomplete and sometimes even wrong, so they are far from reliable.

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