1. Each to their own but there is a catalogue of songs which are far superior than this song in my opinion

  2. Bigmouth strikes again - 297 plays In the top 100 The Smiths listeners 16948 minutes spent listening to The Smiths

  3. I think about life and I think about death, and neither one particularly appeals to me

  4. The trumpet at the end of never had no one ever from the demo is just absolutely sublime 🤤

  5. Never seen anyone else put sweet and tender hooligan in their top 10! It's not given a lot of attention in general I think, a great song tho

  6. It’s unreal and to be honest, I may have shy’d away from putting it number 1 as it was number 1 on your list😂but I mean, they’re all fantastic and as I say, they all could be number one in their own right anyways

  7. I love miserable lie, who doesn’t like miserable lie 😭😭

  8. Amazing! Likes The Smiths and Fucking Awesome…. Did we just become best friends ?

  9. Yeah, I think people tried though, they were immediately detained by security lol

  10. Think I seen one person try that was it. Was hoping to get up myself but with the lack of others trying I didn’t bother hahaha

  11. Not for me. Personally thought the first one was a lot better

  12. Think I threw mine out when moving house. Bought the right sized frame for it afterwards without realising it was gone :( sad times

  13. one of my favorites actually! heard most people don’t like it .

  14. They all must write bloody awful poetry if they don’t like it

  15. Where is best for salt and pepper chicken and curry sauce ?

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