1. Wtf this is so cool when did this become a thing

  2. What are you talking about? I've yet to find a game I couldn't use a trainer for with WeMod.

  3. Same. And when they brought on MrAntiFun (the trainer god), WeMod gained thousands of trainers that they assured will continue to be free. WeMod’s subscription is just for extra convenient features like toggling by mobile app. Even if WeMod were to go paid one day, I’d be really annoyed, but I use the program so much that I wouldn’t mind giving them a couple bucks a month to support. It’s an excellent unified all-in-one cheats tool. Way better than CheatHappens or messy CheatEngine scripts.

  4. What an embarrassment, how do they not support the pad features pc? It's a huge upgrade for games like this, it significantly improves the the immersion.

  5. Also it has denuvo and i'm currently blocked from launching a game bought on steam for 24 hours because i tried to launch it too many times

  6. bUt dRm OnLy hArMs pIrAtEs!!!

  7. So does it have denuvo or not? A redditor in another found evidence the game has it but to this day the steam page hasn't been updated to reflect that

  8. Yes it has Denuvo. The .exe is nearly 400MB.

  9. Can anyone confirm if the pc version supports the DualSense haptic features?

  10. Unfortunately the remake’s DualSense features are exclusive to PS5 only. No haptics or adaptive triggers for it on PC.

  11. That's a lot of extra bloated crap dead code.

  12. Annoying how publishers wait until the evening before release to announce Denuvo. Seems to always come last minute.

  13. Should’ve just been a paid DLC for the original game.

  14. wish we could do something like this for our own work. the fact that some random ass dude who used your beat can say they own the copyright, and do a takedown of the original video + claim the monetization money is pretty stupid if you ask me.

  15. Generate the document for a Splice sample license and just use their wording, replacing their info with your own sample/track.

  16. Yeah, but keep in mind Playnite is something you need to want to customize. It's a giant footgun if you're not willing to invest some time into it.

  17. I have "Hide from sidebar" enabled, but the Discover tab is still there, loaded with GOG items for sale, and a big banner up top saying "80% off Spicy Games for Grown-ups Only"

  18. As long as they remove it eventually, which they seem to do as with Prey etc. I look forward to the day Deathloop, and Refall, come to GOG. I have no problem with Denuvo in the launch period, but for companies like Ubisoft to keep Denuvo in their games years after the latest version had been cracked, is not ok to the consumer.

  19. Why do these graphics look 30x better than my version? lol

  20. How about the P210 vs Patriot’s Burst Elite for the same price? Can’t tell what the difference is between the two.

  21. Go to Patriot's website, they have PDFs to compare the specs. From memory, the burst elite was slower than the P210

  22. Thanks, didn’t notice the PDFs. It appears the TBW is less on the Burst as well.

  23. BSG double dips on the game devs sins by 1) not playing their own game (where they would realize how terribly difficult is the grind for casual players) and 2) catering to streamers (which creates a game that favors "gigachad" players and giving them a hotline to get suspicious players banned)

  24. So the developer themselves are saying “it’s difficult to tell what the performance impact will be”, yet so many people always say Denuvo definitely does not degrade performance. Right.

  25. 5 years warranty and 800TBW endurance, can't go wrong really.

  26. Never taken advantage of a drive warranty because it just doesn’t sit well with me having a company snoop around my files, as insignificant they may be.

  27. Why not just back it up somewhere and wipe then? I'm assuming the drive is failed anyhow if you're screwing around with warranty. I don't lose my data due to backups and easy to wipe before sending in. I also wouldn't lose money that way too.

  28. In your opinion, what are the "best" SATA SSDs in terms of brand reliability, if I'm only really doing file storage and don't need any performance or speed to speak of?

  29. Most lower-end SSDs are perfectly fine for storage. Silicon Power, PNY, TeamGroup, Patriot P210, Leven are all plenty reliable if you don’t need speed. The best and most reliable would be Samsung and Crucial, and what comes along with being the best is the performance too, so you’d also be paying for that.

  30. Like a driver having to take an online class for a speeding ticket, all game devs who launch games with shader compilation stutter should be forced to watch this video

  31. Only way to reliably get a genuine apple battery

  32. Who cares if it’s not genuine, the iFixIt battery is very close in spec and works well, at least it’s better than being stuck with no JB.

  33. Software and OS optimization won’t restore battery capacity, but it can lessen battery drain.

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