1. I'm gonna choke you i'm gonna buzzz you and i'm gonna kill youuuuu hahahahahah

  2. When I take a look at it, playing against only 4 of the decks here excites me. Sunavalon unchained buster b. and fur hide other decks that I come across very often.

  3. The number one survivor rule: Your teammates are the main killer. Rule number two: Remember that your teammates' brains are the size of a walnut.

  4. I main survivors and it hasn't been a month since I started the game, and I managed to reach the last rank in 16 days. During this period, I can say that most survivors are imbeciles.They don't even try to play this game. Although I think the game is a bit pro-murderer, committing suicide at the first hanging or leaving the game is not a solution. You have to play to get better, the worst is die and move on. I've found dc helpful in one place, which is against campers glaring at you because your team isn't trying to save you and I don't want to spend all my time staring at the killer. By the way, can someone explain to me why the killers are playing camp so much. Is it hard to chase?

  5. Are you running any mods? I have about 2k hours on this game and have never seen anything like this in early game .

  6. I've been playing this game for seven years and I will probably play until the day it closes, no moba can give me the pleasure and desire to fight like hots

  7. I've been playing this game for seven years and I will probably play until the day it closes, no moba can give me the pleasure and desire to fight like hots

  8. I can share my list with you, even if it is adapted to a different play style, you can find a few things that will work for you. My particular suggestion would be to add the REDEEABLE JAR card.

  9. It'll likely take a bit to get all these pieces but I'll definitely try to build that

  10. The xyz material that creates it, not the card itself, provides this effect. If the number 59 is summoned with a right-hand shark and mostly summoned with that, it becomes can not be destroyed in battle.

  11. I think witch strike is a very useful card in this situation. You can only activate it if your opponent negates the Normal or Special Summon of a monster(s), or the activation of a card or effect.  After your opponent does one of those things, you’ll be free to activate Witch’s Strike to devastate his or her hand, field, and hopes of winning the Duel. Few deck play after this like phantom knights other than that, the opponent usually gives up.

  12. Just give me a chance to say " play faster, it's been 10 minutes."

  13. Hello there. I generally play with the paleozoic deck and I think I know the answer to your question. Paleozoic cards don't count as traps when they're on the field as monsters, yes it's their protection against cards like feather duster, but it's still a trap card in the original. That's why tiki's effect works because although it doesn't count as a trap card, it's a monster card that was originally a trap. Due to the "if another trap card that is a monster" section in tiki, paleozoic cards can trigger this effect. It has been added so that palezoics are not counted as traps, they cannot be destroyed by space typhoon and feather duster, which you can use to destroy trap monster cards like tiki. In short, they are still traps. you just can't treat them like you treat traps.

  14. As far as I can see, the deck is based on synchro summon. Distinctly the red dragon archfiend. My suggestion to you would be to add fire ant ascator and ascator downwalker to the deck. When you play downwalker, it summons fire ant which gives you a chance to summon level 8 synchro directly.

  15. Ruin and demise become extremely effective when used with drytron. Of course, I'm talking about the supreme king and queen ones here. You can make a drytron deck with demise and ruin instead of herald, you will also keep drytron's own ritual type cards. This allows you to use the extra features that ruin and demise will only get when summoned with a ritual monster, and also supports drytron ritual monsters with cant be destroyed features.I would also like to add that I completed the fusion festival with just such a deck and this deck will make you platinum.

  16. I saw a few mistakes but at the end of the match I'm glad to see you win

  17. I play on computer and only despia players i come across. I prefer bots to them .Playing against the same deck all the time is no different than playing against bots at least for me it would be less effort .

  18. Paleozoic full trap. Unchained, lair of darkness unchained mix, borrel dragon, cyber dragon, drytron demise, red dragon archfiend, shooting star dragon, time lord, blue eyes digital bugs. These are the ones I generally use.

  19. Use paleozoic full trap deck or unchained lair of darkness mix .These decks are good at disrupting the opponent's game and gaining time. Unchain summons another unchain monster when they are destroyed, even when they are banished also unchain lets you link summons with your opponent's monsters. Lair allow you to tribute your opponent monster. Paleozoic deck works well with all types of traps, giving you much more options to respond to your opponent, also monsters are immune to monster effect and these deck one of the funniest decks i used. So you should give it a try.

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