1. caramelized or raw onion? I want to try this

  2. Funnily enough, there was a report that said people were going out to eat to save heating their homes in the evenings.

  3. what is the ticker for americans having difficulty paying bills??? i want to buy calls

  4. Why is China inflation so low? Also learned their government has subsidized home construction and rehabs. Watched a YouTube and they all live in these massive 10k sq Ft 3-4 story homes. When asked why poor rural areas could afford massive homes they said govt pays for it all.

  5. Subsidised worker housing for those workers whom you want to replicate (have large families).

  6. Chinese inflation is whatever they say it is and yet it still somehow is higher? LOL

  7. When the FED stops hiking and starts dropping rates again, printing more money, etc, if this is a normal scenario.

  8. Imagine thinking the entire stock market fluctuations could be predicted as easily as looking at the Fed 0.25% interest rate decisions… what a regarded fucking way to see a multivariate puzzle

  9. Dudes are cranking it way more now with Phub. Gf’s walking in on them in the bathroom with an oculus on fingering air with a bottle of jergins on the floor… ooOooOooOoO… STEP BROTHER, my shoe is stuck on this blade of grass, please help…

  10. Question: What is that green arrow supposedly indicating? Never seen anything green on my stocks

  11. Seems like the machines will eventually put even the ladies out of work....dear God, we're doomed, at least my ai girlfriend will love me.....isn't that right Sheila?

  12. We're all part of an intricate network called the human race, and there are only 8 billion of us, each and every one, quite fragile indeed, and there is nothing that guarantees our continued existence except our collective will to live on.

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