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  1. That's a lotta GPU for 1080p, really kind of wasteful NOT to upgrade to a 1440. I can say that I love my 1440p 144hz paired with my 3060Ti.

  2. Yes. Because we are a bunch of dumbasses so easily fooled by videos like this.

  3. How else can they feel good about "their" rambling old coot if "our" rambling old coot doesn't sound even crazier?

  4. Weird, I always assumed the wolves would leave bear form alone because the bears leave wolf form alone.

  5. Yeah but what flavor? I want to smell him like him. I said I want to smell like him. I don't want to smell him. I'm not a weirdo. But if he walked by me, I wouldn't not take a whiff.

  6. I still believe Jake Kumerow might be Jesus himself. It's the only way that football didn't blast his shoulder clean off in Denver 🏈💥 Josh threw a "laser" if I've ever seen one

  7. This post just reminded me that I have a PS2 and 2k5 in my closet. Used to love throwing crossers to Parrish, that boy could scoot!

  8. This post should be marked NSFW, this family dinner just got awkward

  9. I actually liked those uniforms. I hear a lot of people didn’t. This true?

  10. Who said anything about relying on a punter? The whole team wins games. There is a lot of luck that goes into winning and typically the teams that win minimize their weaknesses. I’m not saying the Bills need to overdraft Ariaza, but if you have an opportunity to shore up a weakness you do it. Especially when you have few weaknesses on the team and late round position players won’t likely make the roster.

  11. As exciting as drafting punt god is, if he sucks at holding he will fuck us harder than Haack shanking a punt ever will. That being said, getting the top ranked punter in the 6th isn't a reach and I don't hate the pick, just isn't as glaring of a need to me as it is to a lot of Bills fans.

  12. I think the holding factor is a little overstated. It's clearly an important piece of the puzzle, but I've never heard this discussed until this year. Perhaps Corey Bojorquez is just particularly bad at this aspect of the position. Hopefully Ariaza will be just fine.

  13. It was rumored to be the biggest reason McDermott switched Bojo it for Haack. Bojo was a much better leg but Haack is known as an elite holder. Bass's number seemed to improve with the change as well.

  14. i’m curious, if he is such an amazing, top punter, why was he third off the board? people are talking like we got the #1 punter in this draft

  15. He also has not held in games yet so I would speculate the other punters have more experience with it than he does.

  16. I'm all for fan fics, but there wasn't enough sexual tension in this one for me

  17. I think McBeane have a lot more faith in Cody Ford than the Mafia does. He came on strong to finish the season and is finally coming in healthy, in addition to Kromer we could see a resurgence

  18. Only thing that would make me happier is Haack being waived immediately

  19. Wouldn't surprise me if we make a move on Julio.

  20. I would rather take my chanced with a 4th round rookie than the corpse of Julio, I don't think he has anything left.

  21. Solid depth/developmental ILB. If he shows out, why pay Edmunds when Knox is also holding out his hand?

  22. He was legit pissed his family wouldn't shut the fuck up and he missed the phone call with the Bills. He's super excited to be with the Bills, the camera just caught him in the wrong moment.

  23. The TV broadcast caught literally the worst possible view of that entire thing LMAO. He is really excited to be here!

  24. Who was that white dude? Was I supposed to know who he was.

  25. He was the guy required to force that whole "only one NFL team in NYS" thing, for some reason

  26. Why are all the Jets fans morbidly obese?

  27. Are there areas in this country that AREN'T just chuck full of fatties?

  28. No coach is. I’m sure if you took every starting QB away and made everyone use backups, we would have a definite advantage because of Bill.

  29. That's my point, BB isn't providing that advantage at all. If he was, his record without Brady wouldn't be the same as the fucking Dolphins.

  30. He also scouted, drafted, and developed said GOAT. If we start judging coaches by what their records look like without good QBs then no one is going to look good

  31. So what you are saying is that with out a good QB BB isn't special?

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